How To Keep A Piece Spotless.

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  1. I'm gettin a bew bong in a couple days and itz so beautiful I want it to stayyyy that way. What's the bedt way to keep a piece looking brand new. I've never used a carbon filter as none of my lhs stock them so I'm in a lil over my head w those. I use ashcatchers in all my other pipes but the joint is almost straight up and I feel like it might look awkward. Here's a pic of the bong 1370190055656.jpg

    And I usually use iso and salt but I feel like it stains my pieces l. Idk might be the water at my house? What 420 cleaners do you use?
  2. Grungeoff

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    Second vote for Grunge off Supersoaker.  Be careful as it can damage some labels so if you need to clean downstems or bowls with labels you can use 420 soak and rinse.
    iso and salt is a PITA compared to grunge off and grunge off gets rid of the smell better than iso.
     If you want to keep a piece in pristine condition, you just have to be careful...all the time.  Set it on a cork coaster or cloth to avoid scratches on the bottom, don't grab it where there is a label to avoid label ware, never drag it or slide it, wash it regularly (everyday you use it), dab it dry instead of wiping it, if you have hard water  (you do cause you have stains), do a final rinse with distilled water after cleaning.
    Just watch what you're doing.  When I'm rinsing the glass I cup my hands under the faucet to create a bridge for the water...that way the mouth piece doesn't contact the metal edge of the faucet (scratches).  Try to avoid contact with anything that will scratch glass....which is pretty much any hard surface.
    Look up online, cleaning glassware...the same tips apply.  You can use vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda for different kinds of stains.
    you will need a stopper for the joint and a keck clip to keep the stopper in place to fill that piece to the top with grunge off. If you don't use a keck clip the water pressure will probably pop the stopper off and leave a mess on your counter.
  4. Yeah buy one of those pipe/bong cleaners they sell at the headshop
    I use iso/salt but those products^ work a lot better
  5. After every use or two put it in a freezer bag with a good amount of salt and rubbing alcohol and shake it up for like 1 minute every 10 minutes or so.or buy formula 420

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  6. Its a two foot bong and I want to keep it cleaner than alcohol and salt

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