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How to Intensify your "High"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by billerbong101, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, well ive been reading on these forums for quite some time now, and just registered today. I've been smoking since i was 16 (i am currently 23)......... Lately smoking just hasnt been doing much for me. It takes like 4-6 bowls for me to get baked, if that(I only smoke 30/60 strains) :(.... I was wondering if you guys had any tips/tricks you use to get "Higher" and also if there are any other substances(Preferably legal, but ok if not) that Intensify your High........

    Sorry if this may seem like a troll post, but its Not. Im just curious about new things I suppose :smoking:
  2. I dont really know what can intensify your high, I dont do any other drugs so I dont know about that either. Not much help I guess, maybe take a break from smoking for a while to bring back that tolerance level. Maybe hash?
    When I was younger, I loved opium, really nice. But it is very addictive, and from what I remember, not cheap!
  3. the only advice i have is to stop smoking for a week maybe more. this will lower your tolerance just like refraining from drinking a lot would lower ur tolerance for alchohol.
  4. Make some BHO shit is awesome, I am going to make some myself here soon from and oz of upper mids.
  5. smoke a blunt
  6. Eating mango is supposed to help. The mycrene in it helps the THC make its way to the receptors in the brain. Or something :smoking:
  7. yo bro same thing happened to me a while back heres what i'd consdier doing:

    1. Find better weed
    2. Hold in your tokes
    3. Breath fast till your light headed and crouch take a toke and stand up and plug your mouth and nose and blow out.(lol)
    4.Eat a mango 30 mins-1 hour b4 u smoke (theres something written on it)

    5.T breaks are weak i felt the same as u but then i found better bud and shit...i havent quit in 5 years so fuck quitting but u could.
  8. same deal with chocolate.
  9. Focus more of your mind on your high..

  10. Holding in your smoke for more than a few seconds is pointless. Also all that breathing heavy stuff just deprives your brain of oxygen and makes you light headed, it does not effect thc intake.

    Try eating a slightly over ripened mango!

  11. wait, chocolate?
  12. mhmmmmm mangos are delicious!!!!!! Im gonna have to try that =O see if it works. Are there any like over the counter medicines/pills that can intensify your high? One time I took nyquil then burned like 20 mins later and I felt a bit different lol!!! but im not a fan of nyquil, shit gives me bad dreams and i always wake up sweating for some odd reason lol :(
  13. dude just buy some better weed. I dont know how seasoned you are but you can probably find something better than what you are smoking now. If you can not find anything better than just take a little break.
  14. Mix a bit of Salvia with your bud if you can get some, the combination tastes pretty good, and the feeling is woohoo ;)
    Also, (if you can!) try not doing weed for a while, it reduces the amount of cannabinoids in your system so when you do start again you're like "Wheeeeeeey!"
    I've not had any weed for about 4 days :mad: cause I'm at university and not too keen on the shit round here, but I'm getting some at the weekend so I'll let you know if less becomes more!

  15. I only smoke good weed, thats the problem!!! I havent had mids/regs in god knows how long..... Just to show you that i only smoke good strains, my last pickups in the last couple months were, ak47 purple haze, fruity pebbles,some no-name dank frosted OUT. Thats pretty much the quality of weed I smoke on the regular:smoking::smoking:

  16. Salvia is Illegal in FL, plus that shit is stupid ive done it like 10 times, its just not good to me. LSD/Shrooms are the way to go.:hello:
  17. well i put (lol) for breathing technique because YES IT IS BAD FOR YOU (literally it made me stupider) and oxygen deprivation

    BUT You will get/feel higher, and when my tolerance gets high i always hold in my tokes a bit longer.. like 10 seconds,

    personally i have a habit to do certain things if my tolerance is high and i dont feel like quitting, to get me more high. (sometimes switting what your smoking out of helps alot too)
  18. 30/60 indica/sativa or sativa/indica?
  19. Whats a 30/60 strain?

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