how to install the fan?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Foundas, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. hey guys...i've been working on a project for quite some time. I bought a container box from curver (aka rubbermaid) with dimensions 58cm lenght x 38cm widht x 42cm height and i have installed 3 fittings for the lighting, i painted the container white and i used a black tape in order to stop the box from glowing.

    I'm using 3 42W compact fluro lamps rated at 2700 lumens ( 2 of them daylight, one cool white) and i have one hole as intake and 2 holes for exhaust. All three holes are constucted like so: i used PVC 90 degree curved pipes acting also as light trap.

    the problem is like this: how do i install the fan(s) - let's say, one at each exhaust hole) since these holes are 40 cm above the floor? any ideas guys?i cannot mount them on the box itself since i have the PVC pipe lines there

    any ideas??

    or is it easier to just put a fan in front of the intake hole and thus push the hot air out??? will this be an efficient cooling method??

    thanx guys
  2. mount a PVC flange on the end and attach the fan to that;)
  3. i think this flange will be out of the question in this shithole place i live. Will the installation in front of the intake hole do the job?
  4. use an active exaust, passive intake. so put the fans on the outside of the exaust
  5. Hi Foundas,
    If u use the fan to suck air out it works better than using it to push air in.
    thats called active exhaust, passive intake.
    You should use 2 intake holes to every 1 exhaust hole to decrease the velocity
    of the incoming cold air.I dont understand why u cant mount the fan to the pipe?
    Use a piece of light rubber(not hard rubber),and put it between the fan and the pipe
    to stop vibrations running up the pipe,and use a good sealant to keep it stuck to the pipe and then stick the fan to it,(silicone or sumtin?)
    hope that helps,
  6. yeah man, celtic knows his shit, and i forgot about that 2 for 1 thing, i need to redo the intakes for the box i'm desinging.:D
  7. the problem is that i already cut the holes for intake and exhaust. 1 intake, 2 exhaust...

    so, can't use celtic's idea. i think i'll put the fan in front of the intake hole, rated at about 100cfm and see what will happen. I hope i can take some pictures today and upload them


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  8. Cheers hippie! :)
    Foundas do whatever u think is best bud,
    Ure box is gonna be at a higher pressure inside so any leaks and flimsy sealing
    will become noticed very quickly indeed,although if its done properly then it should work ok i suppose,just a harder and more awkward way to do it i think,
    let us know wot happens bud!
    Cya in da fog!
  9. as for the fan's many cfm will i need for this specific box? again, the dimensions are 58cm lenght x 38cm widht x 42cm height
  10. about 3X the volume of the box per minuite, convert your measurments to feet then x3 and you will get the goal CFM.

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