How to install a screen on a glass bowl?

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  1. Plain and simple. Where and how do I push it through? DO i have to shape and bend it?
  2. im pretty sure you have to build up some resin then just push it down, i dont really know though i only use metal screens.
  3. just use the CD it came with :D:smoke::D

  4. LOLWUT!?!?

    Op, you don't need a screen, just user a larger nug to plug the hole. It's called a plug nug.
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  5. Just set it on the top of the bowl and gently push it in. Smoke some bowls and the resin will act as a glue and hold it in.
  6. jus buy glass screens they work better
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  7. Am i the only one who cant believe somebody cant putt a screen in a bow:smoking:l.
  8. Metal or glass screen? Aren't they explanatory?
  9. Pebbles are free and safe they also work very well just pull one out of your shoe or grab one from the parking lot. just beware of non organic shit posing as pebbles.
  10. i don't think i've ever had a bowl that needed a screen but then again i never really grinded my shit up that fine. i do use a glass screen on my bubbler but i got it for free and only use it to try and keep the water clean. it helps for the most part

  11. You absolutely are not..I'm shocked that this is even a thread :confused:
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    Try this.

    Take a pipe with a rather narrow bowl that you can just barely stick your pinkie finger into such as a WikiLight which is a combination refillable lighter and a pipe. Then put on a blindfold, now try putting in the screen.

    I am totally blind and I struggle with putting in new screens every time. I often wish that there was some kind of device or tool that could make this task easier to do.

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