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How to increase your high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by wSmash, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. I'm wondering if there's anything out there that you can eat or do to increase your high after or before burning?

    Like how vitamin C effects shrooms

    I thought I remembered hearing something about eating a particular over-ripe fruit, but I searched with no avail.

  2. smoke more.
  3. I haven't tested it out myself but I heard taking 5-HTP supplements can help you get the same feeling as when you first started smoking. I don't know for sure though cause, as I said, I haven't tried it for myself.
    • Cough after your hit. Coughing get less oxygen to your head and more THC through the body.
    • Drink Orange Juice. Not Sure behind the science behind this one buy it gets you higher. (Similar to the shrooms just not as intense.
    • Eat a Mango. Never Tried this but I think its similar to the orange juice, I always just do the OJ b/c its less messy than a mango.
    Other than that I have never heard of anyhthing but there is probably other tricks out there.
  4. Interesting I didn't know orange juice and coughing got you higher. I'll have to try some of these. Thanks for the tip =)
  5. Mango's contain one of the ingredients in marijuana that contributes to the high. Not sure which one it is, maybe one of the more seasoned veterans can answer that.
  6. Awsome tips folks. I'll have to try 'em out sooner or later:smoke:
  7. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM did you just say less oxygen gets thc through the body? umm no very incorrect that just makes you feel lightheaded because you are getting brain damage
  8. Besides the mango, pretty sure these arent true.
  9. The mangoes will make you higher for longer but will not increase your high, but OJ will do nothing.

    The part about the coughing is comical, it does not get more THC to your body.
  10. Smoking a cigg boosts any mind alternating substances i have consumed... But maybe that's just me =)
  11. smoking lions tail with your weed might help
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    That would be Mycrene. Ed Rosanthal says if you eat an overly ripe mango a half-hour to 45 minutes prior to smoking, and your high will be more intense.

    Mycrene is found in both mangoes and cannabis. It aids the THC in traveling through your bloodstream I believe.

    I have found that after I smoke a few bowls of beasters and then a cigarette right after, my high gets incredibly strong, but fizzles out faster than my normal high.
  13. well if you take a fat bong toke and cough you get way more high cause you took more than you could handle so it messes you up trust me i do it all the time
  14. The mango thing has been proven by many people (still need to try it myself), and I've heard that coughing stimulates the alveoli in your lungs which can help absorb cannabinoids. Or something. I'm not sure if that's true.
  15. yea that is true cannaboids help you get really high i think its funny when people think thc is the only thing that gets you high
  16. Don't force a cough, just hold your hit in like 10 seconds, blow it out, then cough if you need to. Forcing a cough does nothing and makes you look like an idiot.
  17. i increase my highs normally by taking even bigger hits after

  18. lions tails, or blue lotus, or dream herb will help
  19. just hold your hits in as long as you can really

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