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How to increase cbd

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by austyn12, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. [quote name='"DoobyBro"']

    Nope, this wont do it either. There are even a few sativa strains which are relatively high in CBD, i.e this cannabinoid is not an indica only trait.[/quote]

    What sativa Dom has a relatively high cbd?

  2. i was thinking about making hemp oil then add half amount of oil of hemp oil and half marijuana oil
  3. is og good? i noticed it helps but not as munch as white widow (cant find it around here)
  4. I have slight anxiety disorder. I dont live in a medical state. But based on research I have done indicas tend to be the cure for that.
    I got some unknown hybrid a few weeks ago that I can tell had a sativa side to it and it got me a little anxious.
    Got some kush the other day which was all indica and no paranoia or anxiety at all, just couch lock and slept like a baby.
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    Sorry man but if your going to slander my information at least back it up a little bit, huh?
    In fact there was nothing wrong about my information, and it doesnt take a genius to know, especially if you know anything about vaporizing, or science in general.
    I can confidently say that most people probably vaporize their product from around 340 F(171C) to about 400F(204C), since after that point it arguably tastes worse. This thread is about how to get more cannabidiol(CBD), and the flash point of CBD is 206.3C(roughly 404F).
    So you see sir, it is ENTIRELY possible, and happens in a lot of cases that there are cannabinoids left in ABV weed. Cannabinol(CBN) and cannabigerol(CBG) share similar flash points above 400F.
    Also, not to be a dick but you completely misused the term titrate. Titration is the process of determining how concentrated ONE element is (not a variety of cannabinoids) in a chemical reaction, which vaporizing is NOT, it is merely a physical change.
    I think I'm speaking on behalf of the blades here at the city, I do not appreciate the misinformation on the boards, that you mentioned, and are entirely apart of .Thanks

    Edit: Also, @OP and anyone else wondering. I've been in the middle of an anxiety attack and smoked a big joint of relatively green ABV (I stop around 380-390F) and it has helped me tremendously, often when some weed is too strong.
  6. You can use CBD isolate to increase the CBD/THC ratio in edibles.
  7. I am using a legal 30% cbd oil with just 0.2% of thc throughout the day. When the financial problem occur i half the dosage. The highest doses i took were 2x 35 mgs per day, now i am gone to 2x25 mg per day. In the evening i don't use cbd, but thc. Trying to go just to 1x 0.30 g of weed per evening for next month, as i got some of finnancial problems, but i still don't want to half the dose of cbd throughout the day, cause i need cbd more than thc overall. Take a look at Kuma Kush strain, if you want more synergetical effects.

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