How to Identify the Quality of LED Strip by Eyes?

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  1. How do you identify the quality of the LED Strip without special equipments when you face different choices?
    At first, the label on the package is different. The label of original item is printed instead of typewritten. The non-original Strip has different specifications and parameter on the typewritten label.
    Secondly, let's look at the package of the product. The original LED item will be packed by anti-static and damp proofing material. But the non-original manufacturer LED Strips have been packed by reclaimed materials which are not anti-static and moisture-proof because the manufacturer pursues the lower cost. If you look carefully, you will find the scratches and marks left on the material.
    Then, the quality of FPC is also very important. The FPC has deposited copper and rolled anneal copper. You can tell clutch gold from the joint between the bonding pad and FPC. The bonding pad is easy to drop off if the deposited copper has been bended over. On the contrary, the rolled annealing copper is free to bend without any obscission.
    Fourthly, you should take a look at the welding spots on the product. The welding spots are circular-arc shape and look smoother than the non-OEM one. If you purchased a non-OEM one, the welding spots volume is uneven and have solder icicles. This is the typical characteristics of hand welding.
    Fifthly, the package of the original product includes instruction, specifications and connectors. But the non-original LED Strip won't include the enclosures.
    At last, the cleanliness on the surface is also a point to identify quality. The LED Strip with SMT technology is very clean without any impurities and blemishes. The blemishes left on the surface and FPC has a spot of scaling powder dross spots if it adopted handle welding.
    In brief, the quality depends on the cost of a product. The non-original manufacturer usually takes different ways to save cost. If you want to purchase a good quality one, you should not just pay an attention to the price. With a good and beautiful LED Strip, the room and garden will be decorated very well. You and your family will have a great Christmas time.
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    I doubt your plants would enjoy those LED strips much. Not sure why this is in the design forum, unless you are into the whole grow room decor thing.

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