How to identify mushies in the wild?

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  1. So I've never had mushrooms before, I've read a little bit on them, so I am aware of how cautious I need to be.
    I go for nature walks a lot, and sometimes I find mushrooms, and one day an idea popped in my head. "Hey, I'm in Nova Scotia, we are famous for Nova Scotia blue caps" and then I thought, I could find magic mushrooms.

    I started searching for patches, and I found 2 patches of mushrooms. How can I identify if these mushrooms are magic, or poisonous?
  2. im not sure, but i heard if you break the stem and it turns blue its magical.
  3. you are gonna wanna be definit
    try going over to the they know more than we do
  4. Will do. Didn't know any good mushroom websites, thats why I posted here.
  5. I've heard from a few people that you can find mushrooms on the Commons, though I have never tested this theory.

  6. No way dude, they have to scream in pain when you break the stems to be magical.

    In all honesty, it can be very hard to determine what you just picked is gunna make you trip balls or kill you. Spore prints are a step but even then its hard to determine. Make sure you read a ton and dont eat anything unless you are 100% sure you wont die.
  7. I suspect we live in the same town :p
    If we do, than you would know why it's unwise to go in the commons, when no one else is there.

    And Genith, I most certainly will not eat a mushroom unless I know it's safe.
  8. i would advise you to NOT go out in the wild looking for boomers...that would be stupid....just buy them from a dealer where they are legit...srriously the only mushrooms ur gonna find in the wild are the ones that will make u very sick...i repeat DO NOT go out in the wild looking for mushrooms unless you know EXACTLY what ur looking for (and i know u dont since u started this thread)
  9. the only mushrooms i can identify are cubensis. just look for those only. all the signs of a good shroom is its like a white stem, goldenish top in the middle, possibly purpleish outiside of cap, the veil when broken is stained purple, dark gills, and a velvety feel to it. if it dosent match that then dont eat it. or you can take a pic and put it on the shroomery in the identification forum.
  10. Be EXTREMELY careful. I cannot stress this enough. I already know one kid who ignored me and my friends advice on this and he died from taking the wrong mushrooms. Another friend who was homeless for a while made the stupid decision to pick some mushrooms that were laying on the table and eat them. Im surprised he isnt dead now...
  11. Man, do yourself a favor and buy some spores legally off the internet. Growing your own crop is mad easy. Unless you are some mushroom expert, attempting to identify them in the wild is just risky. You might confuse one strain for another and take something that could make you really really sick!

  12. agreed, super simple with explanatory videos available too...much more worth the time and effort.
  13. I don't eat magic mushrooms but I do pick lots of wild mushrooms and eat them. My advice to you is....let someone else eat it first.


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    She hit the nail on the head...seriously it is easy as hell. And you can get P. cub. for like 10-20 bucks a syringe.
  16. Can't believe there are so many people saying not to pick wild mushrooms. You do not have to be an expert to pick mushrooms, you just need to know what the mushroom looks like, where it grows and how to take photos/spore print and get an ID online. Read up online the characteristics of the mushrooms that grow in your area, find out where to look and always check them with the shroomery before you eat them. Picking mushrooms is just more "legit" than buying from a dealer as you know what you're eating and where it came from, best of all it's free. Growing is good too, just don't get busted.
  17. I don't think Cubensis grow in Nova Scotia.
    From here:
    Nova Scotia
    Gymnopilus junonius
    Panaeolus cinctulus
    Psilocybe semilanceata

    So you're looking for Pan Subbs, Liberty caps, or the "laughing Gym" (never heard of that one.)

    Btw Wikipedia is good for learning how to identify a mushroom, they have the characteristics and habitat listed
  18. look up fungi perfecti online. take pictures of the mushrooms and take sporeprints. take any info you can think of gills, stem, etc.. you should be able to find a link or address maybe and send the info in. they are expert mycologists so they will know what they are
  19. Go onto a farm and look for some cow shit.

    You think I'm kidding..

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