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how to I wash this clean?!

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by STilladelph, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. I've washed this over a hundred times with ISO and salt or sugar and still can't get that brown res stain off the top percolator. Anyone have some tips? I've also tried letting it sit in ISO overnight and it didn't work.

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  2. Looks like you may have let it get so dirty its stained and won't come off. Should try Simple Green, but ive never not been able to get a piece clean with iso and salt. Clean your pieces more often and won't have that problem.
  3. Hmm, think drain cleaner would work?
  4. Soak for 24-48 hours in simple green. Make sure the perc is fully submersed in cleaner. Don't use drain cleaner.
  5. I'll try it out...its just a degreaser it looks like
  6. yea simple green is a good option... maybe throw some goof off in with the solution, just make sure you thoroughly wash it afterward
  7. I would try bleach.
    Bleach makes everything super lovely clean.
  8. See if you can pick up extra long qtips at a local store and use them to scrub with iso or pick up something like Formula 420 from your lhs shit works great. These qtips come on a wooden stick like 8-10" long I think I've only had them ordered from online for general garage cleaning shit supplies but they should have them at a store somewhere... Or you you have cotton balls or dry gauze and some chop sticks maybe haha just something to scrub down in there with something to hold it that won't scratch is all.
  9. Fucking terrible idea. Dont listen to this person....

    Use simple green, soak it for 2 days if possible. I know that you can put your glass in boiling water and boil the resin off but I don't think it would be possible in this situation.'

    If soaking it doesnt work get a tooth brush and try scrubbing with simple green, its always worked for me
  10. Wait forget what I said I just looked at the picture closer my bad haha fuck

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