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How to i find out if my cousin smokes

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chakada, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Yeah that hes my age and i want to know if he smokes weed so we can smoke
  2. Just ask him straight up. If he says no, just say you don't either. Then he can't go snitching.
  3. What if he says no cuz he thinks i will snitch
  4. He most likely won't.
  5. Cheech and Chong, bring it up somewhere...It is the universal language for 'I smoke weed, but I won't say it because you might trip out.':cool:
  6. "Do you smoke bud?"
  7. Bring a joint, spark it, ask if he wants to hit it

    if he says no, tell him not to snitch

    if he snitches, say he's lying and he does coke :/

  8. This.

    Not gonna lie, Cheech n Chong is what made me think my mom smokes weed. Now I smoke joints with her sometimes.
  9. I found out that my cousins smoke because they're stupid teenagers that liked it on Facebook.
  10. You smoke? Or you-zuh b*tch?
  11. i would just ask.

    simple as that.

    it is family.
  12. Family can fuck you over.

    A few years ago, my buddy told his cousin he blazes, asked if he did. Cousin tells his mom, Mom tells my buddy's Dad. Buddy gets in shit.
  13. Depends on how close you guys are. When I first met one of my cousins and we got to know each other he always mentioned stoners, and that he thought they were funny so I pretty much knew he smoked he though he never openly admitted it. Then I was just like, "Yo, you smoke?" and he was like, "FUCK YEAH! Let's get high bitch!!"
  14. i dig it bruh.

    nd that would be the time to pull out the powder!
  15. simply ask him
    if he says no say okay good i thought you were a drugie lol
  16. why is this a thread?
  17. just ask "do you smoke?"

    A cigarette smoker will always reply "yes"

    A weed smoker will always reply "smoke what?"

    Has worked for me many times.

  18. Dude I've been wondering how to drop the hint with my sisters boyfriend. She said all he does is party and smoke with hid friends. But she doesn't know I smoke. So I couldn't tell him with out her finding out. Oh well
  19. Usually you can tell if someone smokes weed. I dunno, it's somethin about how they dress, act, what music they listen to, hair (Grown out beard and longer hair is like a dead give away)

    But just ask him if he does, if he asks why or something pull out a joint and ask him/her if they wanna burn one with you. Just ask if he smokes, the "Smoke what?" usually accompanied by a grin is a dead give away too. haha.
  20. #20 4pawsbmj8, Aug 3, 2011
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    No not always. I've seen Kids who wear bob marley clothes and have shaggy hair then I'll offer them weed and they eyes get all big and they whisper " that's marijuana? That's illegal!"

    He left then two cop cars rolled up. They only found ashes ha

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