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  1. Hello ,

    I will start growing next week in a little box ( 60*40*27cm)
    How can i hold my plant little so that it could live all his life in that box ?

  2. if you top correctly, you could get up to 8 shoots, but not in that little space. a scrog, or training will be your best bet. better flower it as soon as it gets afew roots.;)
  3. yeah, ts called FIM. you were lucky to get so many shoots your first time. the first time i did it (i've done it 2 times anyway) i only got 3, and the second i got 5. i've heard of people getting up to 10. i'll try to find a link to this guy that as like 50+. its really amazing. outdoor too. he gets like 3 or 4 lbs per plant. crazy shit:eek:
  4. Fim isnt as good as just training. Its all skill and luck. Grow your plant till it gets around 4-10 nodes then bend it over at a 45 then 90 angle. Then take that and put a scrog (chicken wire) screen over it.
  5. ok , thanks a lot guys ...
    I understand the techinque of bending it , but i dont understand the other techniques ...
    Do i need to cut the main stem of at the top , or how do i have to do ?
    How many grams you think that i will get out of it ?

  6. convert your box measurments into inches and i can give you a guestimate on yeild. Also you need to tell us lighting, if you are doing scrog, will it be soil or hydro and genetics.all toping is cut the top of the plant off and it re-directs the growth to the 2 lower nodes.
  7. also, please specify width x depth x height. nt necisarly in that order, but jusst sbe spacifcic
  8. width=40 cm ,depth=27cm, height=65cm
    I will grow from a clone ...
    What size of pot should i huse ?

  9. 2 gallon minimum. in those short heights, i'd get 2 shallow rubbermaid containers, and drill a while bunch of .25" holes in the bottom of one, and rest it inside the other one, so you have lots of room for roots, with a low height. :)
  10. mm..I highly recommend tying/training over trimming and the like...Its debatable whether trimming actually works as it should. It does double the amount of shoots...but as to whether you get less or more bud all together from the two or just one big 'ol debatable, which Is why I stick with tying it down.
  11. I converted it to inches 15.7x10.6x25.5

    Thats a bit short but possible. I plan on groing in a cabnet just 3 inches taller and a few inches wider next year after i use it as a veg box for my O'grow. It is possible to use a HPS but your beter off starting with 2-3 42 watt CFs so buring the tops wont be a big worry. You could get a 70W hps in there after some experience and pull close to a oz with good genetics.

    bagseed is not an option and a short pure indica dominant plant will be needed. Try NL from here,

    You can use the rubermaid if you find one that fits well and put bolts around the rim with the extra threads sticking out. Tie on strings to the bolts and tie that to the plants. Learn how to tie "2 half hitches" to make training easier.

    Soil height will have to be 5-7 inches so a custom soil box may be needed to make the most out of the area if you can't find a rubermid that fits.
  12. The easiet way to grow small plants is to stress and compact the root system. The smaller the pot, the tighter the roots and the less a plant will grow, especially in height.

    If the plant doesn't get a good root system established, it's stem will not thicken out, and ultimately it will not grow any height. Try a small nursery pot like a 6" pot (1//2 gallon soil) or you can try to grow 3 plants in a one gallon soil container. With all the roots cramping each other out, they won't grow any height. you have to stay on top of soil moisture levels or else they will parch out quickly.

    Now you will sacrifice your yield, but you can grow in tight spaces without fancy screens, or constant trimming.
  13. BOG is a bitch to train the reason why he has the reflector removable like that is because it has to otherwise you cant get at the sides. this guy Did a good job keeping this plant short it was 5" from soil to tips. Without Scrog or tie training you would yeild next to nothing uless if you had 2' floro tubes on the walls, and that still wouldnt yeild more then a 70W with scrog. you dont want to purposly make the plant rootbound you will get horrible yeilds.

    Put one plant in and train like this,

    then set up a Scrog screen about 5 inches above the soil and flower when the shoots are 1" through the screen. This will leave you pleanty of bud space.

    3" light 6" soil 5" screen and 2" light to bud tops. So the total is 16" and your left with ~9.5" for buds to grow in.
  14. owkee ,

    More precise now ...
    I made and bought everything i need .
    I have a box of 65cm high , width=35cm and a depth of 27cm .
    I will grow 1 white widow in that space , from clone to bud .
    My lights : 4 flouros , 3 18w around it and 1 23 watt at the top of it from which i can change the position .

    With the advice you people already gave me in this thread i think fimming the plant( cutting the new leaves off) will be the best ?!?
    Because the big problem stays the place , the plant can't grow to tall ...
    How long do i have to let the plant on 18/6 before i start fimming ?(to obtain a reasonable height in my box ?)

  15. no you need to scrog. take a chicken wire screen and attach it 4 inches above the soil because WW is sativa. But first do the LST tech that i gave you in the last post. The LST will give you more smaller branches and it will be allot easier to fill the screen. To scrog you tran the plant to grow under a screen then allow small shoots to come above the screen one in every other or third hole or so, if its to dense it dosent yeild well allow the shoots to come above the screen 2-3 cm then flower.

    Here is how to scrog train.

    fim is crap and dosnet always work Naughty dread had 6 plants fimmed them, and only one of them the fim worked. I tried fim on all 3 of my outdoor plants and it didn't work. scrog is how you grow in small boxes.
  16. ok , i'll do that, thanks a lot ...
    What would be the yield with that technique ?

  17. Hard to say. It depecnd on many things. I know if you put a 70w hps in there, an ounce would happen after minimal experience. You could pull an ounce and a half with some more experience and mabey close to 2 oz with a bubbler setup. With your floros and soil be happy with under an ounce, mabey an ounce with some experience. if you smoke a 20 bag a week then you will be fine whit what you will yeild froom this box, with no extra weed to sell.

    For the pot use a square plastic garbage can cut at about 7 inches and drill holes in the bottom for drainage. Try to get the biggest one you can get in there.

    A bubler could be set up at a later time after you get a few grows under your belt. But until then stick to soil. some advice is go organic using compost, bone meal, wormcsting, and bat guano ect.. not all ot once but over time. Good organic soil will make primo buds.

    This is the highest yeilding tech for growing. it preads the plant out to absorb the most light evenly. It just takes allot of time per square foot so doing big grows would be horrible doing all the training. Its like doing sog with a flat surface of plants, but on a much smaller scale making one plant into many. I will be doing a 70w scrog this winter because i am going to be doing some crossing and breeding for next years grow so i figgure i might as well make the most of it and get some good buds at the same time even if it has some seeds.

    The best thing to do is have a 70w hps and have the screen arched so the center is lower and teh buds make a half piped shape around the buld bo you absorb the most light as possible.

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