How to Hit Up an Old Ex

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  1. Girl I dated back in high school. We dated for like three months and were good friends before. Our relationship was basically a friendship with a relationship tag. She was a quiet one but we talked deep when we ever did. I broke up with her about 4 years ago for the reason that we were basically being friends. She was cool with that. Perhaps indifferent even. I also had set my sights on another girl I had previous history with. I never told her that, but let's assume she knows I got with that girl two weeks later, for worst case scenario (in case the last thought she had of me was 'oh he totally left me for another girl'). Even still, I feel she may have been indifferent to that probably.
    Been single for a while, I'm considering this girl because she was level headed and we never disagreed or bickered. And I'd like to see how we'd play out if we got back together again.
    I recently sent her a friend request on Facebook (my old gf made me unfriend her) and she accepted it right away. She's not active on fb at all. The last 3 years of posts on her page are by her friends. Surprising she accepted it right away.

    So, how should I approach this girl? I can probably only talk to her through fb.

    In order to understand what kind of girl she is:
    Quiet, awkward, small friends group, her dad seems to have died September last year. We were cool, no sour taste left. Rarely kisses, nothing further. Goes with the flow. Because of her inactivity on fb, her relationship status is unknown.

    I'm not talented at making the first move.

    Thank you for any help guys.
  2. Just say hi on facebook (messenger! Not on her wall)

    Don't get ahead of yourself

    Talk to her, if you're still feeling her ask to meet up for a coffee or something

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  3. I think that's a good plan. I'm not sure exactly what to say though. I feel like 'hi' is too incomplete. You can probably tell I'm not good at this xD
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  4. Youre over thinking it. Just type something and hit send.

    Holy shit, its not butter?
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  5. Dude u say hi thn be like I haven't seen u in forever, what have u been up to? Just go with the convo

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  6. I don't think there are any secret tips anyone can give you.

    Hit her up and vibe her out.

    You'll be alright.

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  7. Okay, I think I got this then, thank you guys for the help
  8. Don't hide behind social media, be a man and go talk to her
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  9. Fast friend request response = she wants the D.

    People are wired for sex. Going without will lead anyone to madness. Rev her engine and ignite her wild side. I'm sure she will reciprocate.
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  10. Just say Hey "insert name here", it's been a while how have you been? and go from there
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  11. I'd usually advise against going for an ex, but since your weren't really sexual before I say go for it. Just don't let it slip back into that friendship type relationship. Establish what you want and expect early on.

    Get her number and set something up. Calling her would be preferable but text is fine too.
  12. Ask her for her kik

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  13. Just message her with a conversation starter. My friends brother once hit up his old ex and now he's married to her. Lol

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  14. "Hey.. been awhile. I was thinking about you and wanted to see how you've been. Maybe we can catch up sometime? Get some coffee, see a movie.. then we go back to my place and I lick you where you pee."
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  15. what i like to do is give mine a call and leave her a voicemail if she is busy.

    check your phone.. .it should have a call feature :eek2:
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  16. Screw social media. I don't do it - besides GC. My wife and 3 daughters are on FB constantly. I don't need the world knowing what I ate for dinner, where I am that minute or whether I was regular that morning.

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  17. make the move its as simple as that. then you'll get the result

    Sorry for the language. I didn't read anything but the topic. Just don't hit up an ex ever. Especially if it's a girl
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  19. Thank you to those of you who chose to be helpful and cooperative
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