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How To Hide Your Weed! (Great Way)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Typewritermonky, Jan 5, 2009.

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    Major Edit: This is not my idea, it has been posted before, a tutorial has never been posted. Also for the folks who think the weed will taste like deodorant it doesn't, just make sure it is in a bag.

    Hey guys, my friend showed me this trick and it is amazing for people who live with their folks or just need to hide it anyways.

    Let me start by saying this. If you don't need to have your weed very well hidden, the best way is to hide it in a jar, and put the jar in a dresser drawer or somewhere where it won't be out in the open. If extra safety is needed, wrap a T-shirt around the jar. Jar's do not let the smell of weed out.

    If you need to have your weed super hidden, here is the best way to do it.

    1. Get a stick deodorant. Doesn't matter the brand, there all the same crafted. Preferably get one that smells very strongly.

    2. Take the deodorant part out, by turning the bottom dial that makes the deodorant go up so it comes all the way up and out.
    Now you have the deodorant and the empty can.

    3. Put your herb into a Ziploc bag, double bag or triple bag it if it will fit into the canister.

    Now your herb bag is wrapped around the stick in your deodorant. Like so.
    Bag in the deodorant.

    4. Now, put the stick back in. And push it down when it was like normal.
    Now turn the dial so the stick goes back down. Then, cap it and it is hidden in there!

    Here is a video of me doing it. (sorry I have a cold)

    If someone can do this better then me in a video, it's much appreciated and will be on this post instead of me!

    [ame=""]YouTube - How To Hide Your Stash[/ame]
  2. you dont look 18......but nice guide! very usefull just make sure your parents dont though away your deoderant thinking its gone or something!
  3. And I thought the peach fuzz would fool yah :D. Also why would they throw it away? They can see that deodorant is there threw the lid.
  4. Funny I had it in my head this would be a good idea its awesome to see other think the same! And about the possibility of someone throwing it away, I suppose you could just not use up all of the deodorant so its looks new!
  5. cause it will be light

  6. Why would it be light? :confused:

    Yah just don't use any of the deodorant so it looks like new. Also I normally make a little Sharpie mark or pen mark on it so I know it's the one with weed. Forgot once, that was funny.
  7. thanks for the tutorial, would of been useful when i lived with my parents.
  8. its alot harder to hide the pipes/bongs ets than it is to hide the actual herb
  9. #9 PennLaxPlayer, Jan 5, 2009
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    Crown Royal bag. Then hang it up in you're attic rafters or something.
  10. + rep.
    this is going to be mega useful come tuesday.
    I very excite now.


    (sorry, i just watch borat) :p
  11. my friend did this at school and it got past drug dogs.
  12. haha home boy looks like hes 13:)

  13. Man I sound the same right now. I've had this annoying hacking cough for 4 days now.
  14. hey guys chill lol.. my brotheres 21 and he just barly started getting facial hair until he hit 20 haha lol
  15. Nah he's prob 16, jk 18.

    Anyways nice vid, plus rep! Sup with the voice btw?
  16. Cops know about this trick so i wouldn't be surprised if your parents would too.
  17. yeh i know some heads my age who still have peach fuzz and i'm 20.
    me on the other hand have a nice scruff going after 2 days lol
  18. Nice write up. Would have been helpful a few years ago when I lived with the parents.
  19. the best way to hide your Dank is to SMOKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then buy some more and SMOKE IT!!!! ya kno wat? weed smelling deoderant sounds like a good idea to me.
  20. The only thing I'm worried about is the chemicals and fumes from the deodorant, seeping through the baggy and into the weed. You'd practically be smoking deodorant, and that probably isn't all too good for you.

    What I did, was I took a jar of hair gel..



    I used all the gel up a long time ago, so I just decided to take the old jar, wash it out with soap and hot water, and now I put my weed in there. You can screw on the lid so it's air tight, and because there are no other chemicals present, you aren't smoking hair gel or deodorant.

    And who would think of looking for weed in a jar of hair gel?

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