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How to hide weed smell

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ModestMau5, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. So, today my friend gave me a bowl for free, and I usually smoke with my friends and I never take any home, so I have no idea how to store it till I can smoke it. I'm planning on either smoking it tonight, or tomorrow night, but anyways, where's a good place to hide it? Right now I have it in a plastic bag in a little brown box in my closet, and it reeks. I don't want my mom to come in and smell it, how do I hide the smell?
  2. A pill bottle or an airtight glass jar usually does the trick for me.
  3. Mason jar or anything thats air tight
  4. For smell: Pill bottle or mason jar
    For smoking: Jamacian Hot Box, buy a smoke buddy and blaze in your room or go outside.
  5. I don't think I have any pill bottles, or glass jars. would like an old glass of jelly work if I cleaned it out?
  6. Double-bag it with ziploc bags and stash it outside.
  7. I don't see why not. I just keep mine in a ziploc in a drawer, but if you open the drawer it definitely smells. Or keep it in a bag, in the zippered compartment of something. Shouldn't stink up too bad.
  8. For a small amount you can use a 35mm film case. OK, I know everything is digital these days but...

    Mason jar works great.

    If you don't have one of those then maybe stuff it into an empty t.p. roll and stuff the ends with t.p.?

    If it seems like you will be storing weed more in the future than go grab an air tight jar from the store, like a mason jar.

    edit: just saw the post about a jam jar. Yeah, that will work if you clean it out good.
  9. Yeah might as well just double bag it.
  10. [quote name='"ModestMau5"']I don't think I have any pill bottles, or glass jars. would like an old glass of jelly work if I cleaned it out?[/quote]

    Yeah, but it wouldnt hide the smell as well as mason jars. Just go to Walmart or Target and get some. Less than $20.
  11. My friend and I (really just my friend but when I tell stories I like to give myself credit I don't deserve) came up with this genius idea. When you run out of deodorant, if you have a small amount of weed, pull the thing the deodorant sits on top of out and put the weed (still in a bag of course) in there and close it. They're air tight and if there's some deodorant residue on the walls of the container it neutralizes odors as well. It's a definite win-win!
  12. solution:

    [ame=]Butters's Parody of Samwell's "What What in the Butt" - YouTube[/ame]
  13. my shit dried out in like 2 days by leaving it in a zip lock bag.
  14. I have a little box I put in my room. It isn't air tight but the smell doesn't leak out. My mom's probably never had weed in her entire life so she won't know what it smells like hahaa.
  15. Use your lungs ;)

  16. LMAO I just realized it would be even smarter to put the deodorant back in that way if someone opens it they wouldn't even see or smell the weed. Just make sure the bag is sealed and use two bags so deodorant doesn't get on your bud. This really only works with a quad or less though. Maybe a broken down half-o.

  17. LOL clevvver, Nah but really though, since im still in school i just use my backpack fuck it. Seriously what are the odds of a teacher searching you? not very good. as long as you keep it in a little pill bottle in your packback your all good.
  18. Just put it in a few plastic bags and throw it in your drawer under some clothes. You mom should suspect anything and it should smell...

    As for smoking depends on how paranoid you and your parents are, but you could always "go for a walk" :smoking:
  19. Buy a deodorizer bag and you won't have any problem hiding it from anyone
  20. Incense.

    First trick I learned when I started having weed on me at home.

    Masks the smell and (providing it's a nice scent) will make your room smell better anyway.

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