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how to hide this smell, dank

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by success, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. so today i picked up a 30 sac from a friend that just started dealing, he gets this medical shit from this guy that grows in california he gave me like 2 g's for 30. well ive never smoked some real medical before because i live in chicago and its hard to get. well it REEKS so bad, i put it in a pill bottle then two plastic bags around it with some drier sheets in the bags. the weed is so crystaly its some dankk. to excited to smoke tmrw. but how can i hide the smell more.
  2. Just put a few more bags around it man. I'm not sure if dryer sheets are a good idea though since it might mess with the taste, but got no experience with it.

  3. i live in chi too, all i get is dank medical shit. its all shipped from cali prettty much, but if you can't hide the smell just give it to me man
  4. Mason jar.

  5. alright and im putting the dryer sheets in the bags and the pill bottle is in the bags so there is no contact between the sheets and dank, and nahh bro i think ill keep it!
  6. This. Or, pretty much any glass jar. Baby food jar maybe. They work really well.

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