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How to hide plants for helicopters and still get sunlight?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by cody8892000, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. i was wondering what the best way to keep your plants hidden from helicopters? like i was thinking putting them in a big thing of weeds but then i dont know if my plants would get enough sun light
  2. i mean unless you got copters flyin over your spot all day ever day then i wouldnt worry about it but you have to watch out for pine trees cause the pH will change
  3. Mary is known to camaflouge well with corn. unless you have about 30 plants copters don't see, if there are copters with infrared (because mj plants give off heat) then six is the maximum for the infrareds to pick-up. I got three in my backyard and I live right next to helicopter tour trails so you should be fine.
  4. So lets get this straight... a chopper is flying overhead, maybe searching for a couple of armed robbers, or car thieves that have got on their toes.

    You have 7 weed plants in your garden giving off heat, as well as maybe a couple of trees, bushes a large hedgerow...

    You saying the police are going to notice the extra heat source from the plants and recognise that they are cannabis plants just from a slightly red blob? Even thermal imaging (which the police have now) could not distinguish that a heat source is in fact cannabis plants.

    I'd be more worried about neighbours, or those pesky visitors that creep through peoples gardens at night... and i'm talking about the human kind.
  5. Cops be out SEARCHING for the weeds in their helicopters.
    And we are probably not talking about local police most
    of the time. More like DEA, or FBI or something.
    its the war on drugs
  6. Poison oak has the same thermal imaging color as marijuana. It can bee seen with thermal imaging very easy. Everything has a heat signature.. even plants.

    But yeah poison oak will work.. and no one will want to go in it :)
  7. nets might disguise your stash. Buy some bamboo sticks and jam them in the ground, then lay the net over it, making a canopy.
  8. In my opinion, growing on hillsides offers protection because the helicopters wont fly as close to a hillside as over flat ground...I'm talking about steep hillsides though so people don't wanna walk up them either.. another option is starting clones inside and putting them out later in the growing season so they never get big enough to be picked up from the air..
  9. Call Dr. Greenthumb, get his Sizzlene Screen...Works everytime.

    Sorry for not posting seriously. lol Pesky porkers.
  10. [quote name='cabvscrog']I'm talking about steep hillsides though so people don't wanna walk up them either.. another quote]

    If they are so steep that people would not want to walk up them,, then how do you get water to them? It doesn't always rain enough.

    You could go to a craft store and get some silk flowers, (white or yellow work good) clip them in various spots on the plant, and round off the tips of the bigger leaves. From the air, they'll look like flowering bushes.

  11. Thats a good ass idea..... lotta work though,
  12. I had a scare from a chopper once. I lived in the hood, and we'd often smell various grow ops as we walked down our street. Obviously sometimes it was just some natural odor, but i think generally it was weed. Lol our neighbor was the one who gave us our seeds to start growing anyways. And they were actually pretty good seeds. lol my room mate told me that he'd seen our neighbors dad going out to his shed at night, and when he opened the door a nice red light would shine out. haha.

    Anyways, one day at like 2 on a saturday morning there was a couple cop cars going like 20 km up and down the streets in our neighborhood. They had like their search lights on shinning them all over the place, and there was a hawk helicopter overhead with a search light.

    At first, i just shrugged it off, but then my room mate called me to our balcony; the chopper had stopped right on top of our house, and the cruiser was right in front. and the chopper had it's search light directly down on the place. I nearly shit bricks, but we just sat out on the balcony and waved at the chopper.

    All that happened was that the chopper just moved on.
  13. Look to see how the sun arcs from east to west, In North America it arcs across the southern sky. So I find a tree line to the north and plant on the edge of the tree line so that my weed gets sun all day, but still blends in.

  14. I like this suggestion the most. Effective and easy to do.
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  15. Lmao. Time to listen to that song.
  16. Except planting on the side of a tree line isnt going to be the best spot because you'd be able to see it quite clearly on the ground.
  17. Umm since when does marijuana give off heat? If a plant was giving off heat then it would solve all of the worlds problems because heat=energy and plants=good for oxygen production so we would have an endless cycle of clean air and energy.

    Choppers are looking for fields of marijuana, they aren't going to find a few sneaky plants unless someone tips them off and they go looking. If your growing a lot, spread it out.
  18. thats my number 1 enemy copters. They fly around a lot of corn fields around where I live because of people like me. There are a few things you can do take the corn husks and lay them on the very tops of the plants. Never plant in rows and plant 4-8 plants per field. I usually have a set pattern in my head 100 steps forward 50steps direct right for plant one then keep doing a pattern like that. I like to go to this county near where I live that is very very rural with corn fields. Its only a problem digging/transplanting/feedingwatering 50+ plants when you have them in several fields
  19. Almost everything gives off a heat signature.

    I know! We'll use people like batteries. I only need a few miles worth of copper, a brain surgeon, and voila! Now we can really help the environment!
  20. I know this is an ancient thread, so sorry for the zombie thread. But I do have a little knowledge on this subject and I wanted to share. I can attest to the fact that police helicopters searching for marijuana are quite aggressive. I have lived in some messed up places as far as grow watching goes. Never ever grow anywhere near your home! You will be caught! I used to live in a place where they canvased every single september for grows. The police choppers will call in waiting ground units or repell down for very few plants. The old 1-4 plant plots do not work as they will find and eradicate them. At least in the state I moved from. So as you might imagine I became really good at hiding my grows. There are a few really good techniques I have used over the years. Technique number one: grow with other large bushes. This doesn't always work on its own. Like I said those spotters are really sharp. So it is often best to do just as a guy above suggested for technique number two and that is to disguise the plant either with fake berries (done right buds can look like berry clusters especially when grown beside them) or fake flowers, even different leaves. When you grow outside, sometimes planting in an area without full sun is the best way. It might not optimum, but planting in the trees while getting at least half the day of sunlight will be a lot safer than growing in the middle of a clearing. Never grow in straight lines or spirals or any of that. Things in nature grow sporatic so make sure your plants do not stand out because they are in a perfect line or some pattern. The hillside thing will not work. The place I moved from was in the mountains. And the state focused their efforts there instead of ignoring it because of the hills. But the further back in the bush you can go the better. Growing your good genetics in a better hidden spot, and growing a lot more bagseed in a place further away has worked for me in the past. But the best way, at least I have found, to grow weed outdoors is to use autoflowering strains. All of the camo or hiding in the world is no substitute for harvesting before he police are even looking. Good luck, and I hope your grow makes it :)

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