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How to hide being high?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by skaterdude054, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Im 18 and my parents have caught me smoking a few times they said next time there kicking me out. I have no place to go if that happens. I'm about to go smoke a FAT blunt. How can I hide being high because there both here and aren't leaving.
  2. It all depends on how you are when you are high. I can get baked as fuck, put some clear eyes in and have full on conversations with my parents and feel comfortable. They either know I'm high and don't care or I am able to hide it pretty well. Either way, my parents don't bring it up so my high never degrades from being with them high. Do you have to even come in contact with them? Chances are you can just walk into your house and announce to your parents that you are home and go to your room and chill and that's that.
  3. try apprentice/seasoned tokers. this thread is for other drugs. but for your help, i suggest smoking,visine, shower, try to just chill out (take deep breaths, really helps you calm down while high) and try to stay away from them. honestly though bro id save it, cause the thought of not trying to act high or whatever will make you extremely paranoid and ruin your high. you should save it when ya have a better chance.
  4. Just go out and smoke it. Blaze with some mates.
  5. Thats fucked up, I have done so much bullshit when I was on SSRI's and drinking heavily but my parents never even questioned kicking me out, it would probably be good for me if they did I'll admit.
  6. Id suggest just smoking with your friends at night and crashing at one of their places and telling your parents beforehand (not high) that you are going to... going home high when your parents are highly against it and may kick you out isn't even enjoyable whether you use visine or whatever or not, the thoughts are still in your head.

    i'll only ever drop that battery acid into my eye once, NEVER AGAIN
  8. You just have to be confident and don't confront them, best thing to do is to just watch tv if they try talking to you, so it looks like your busy doing something and you don't want to talk. Or if your at the dinner table just keep eating, but don't eat too much or be a hog cause they'll sespect something
  9. If they would kick you out over weed there not very good parents to begin with... No offense.

    Eye drops always, use them 10-15 minutes after smoking..

    Don't talk to much, but don't be silent...

    Be very open and act usual and not like something is different..

    Don't smoke inside unless you sure you can get the smell out before anyone is near it..
  10. I can always hide my being high. Fortunately, I've always acted like I was high throughout my entire life, so marijuana just enhances it. I can carry on full conversations if I concentrate my mind solely on the conversation. And I just avoid eye contact at all cost. I don't know what to tell you. If they can ALWAYS tell when you're high, chances are you're not going to be able to hide it, if you haven't been successful already.

    EDIT: My eyes also don't turn red much if they turn at all. I don't know if it's because of my contacts or what, but I've only ever had to use Clear Eyes once, and my eyes were barely red.
  11. you just have to do it until you're confident and used to it. I talk to people all day high as fuck and only people I know very well can tell. And they ussually mention that I seem different when i'm not stoned
  12. Does anyone not understand what his asking for?
  13. yeah, what you need is hand sanitizer, breath freshener, some body spray, eye drops, and your good to blaze
  14. reminds me of me when i was 15-16. theyll eventually find out and eventually will learn not to care. that was my case anyway.
  15. dude i ate 3.5 grams of mush last nite then went and talked to my dad and he had no idea.

    you can handle it.
  16. Just do your best to eliminate the smell and use visine. And teach them about marijuana and how much better it is for your health then for you to legally smoke cigarettes at your age.
  17. wait for them to go to bed, don't make a bunch of noise. I don't why you would risk getting kicked out just to smoke a blunt while they are home/awake. And def. smoke that bitch outside, blunts are stinkier than pretty much any other method.:wave:
  18. read your first sentence again and grow the fuck up kid.
  19. Bet you feel cool. I am grown up i didn't ask for you to come cussing because you think your cool. Your one of the few assholes on this board.

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