how to herm a auto

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  1. Anybody know how
  2. stress it ..

    and BTW, you will have hermie prone progeny, NOT feminized seeds.
  3. collidal silver google it ive made feminised seeds with this on autos
  4. Yeah, colloidial silver. I have pics and description in my thread. Check my Sig.
  5. Will the bud still be smokeable
  6. Not the bud that you treated with CS, but the bud from the seeds spawned most definitely.
  7. I have heard differing opinions on that. I think the best argument was that the vaporization point of silver is way higher than you will ever get a lighter flame. Should be fine, I smoked mine.
  8. like my high school english teacher used to say, "you CAN write with anything other than a #2 pencil, but i won't read your paper." still unsure how i didn't fail that.
  9. [quote name='"toastybiz"']Not the bud that you treated with CS, but the bud from the seeds spawned most definitely.[/quote]

    Let's see if I understand thia or not..
    So if you just treat one bud site/branches you don't smoke those but the rest of the plant would be ok to smoke.
    Or trash the whole plant?
    I am going to try this with some regular females first. Gonna order some autos to do it with as well. If I keep the plant in the room till the sacks are ready won't it seed the other plants? Or is there a time frame to get it before it can?

    Thanks in advance..
  10. Bump please
  11. dont smoke the brnches u spray the rest is ok
  12. yes but mind you the rest will be full of seeds so don't expect a bunch of smoke-able bud or super high quality. But I am sure it will be better then some swag you have probably smoked in the past.
  13. Thanks for clearing that up. I should have my seeds soon. I ordered some Diesel Ryder and some pineapple express autos. Gonna hit them with the c.s. and see about some fem auto seeds. Just hope it works so I don't have to order anymore of those strains at least..
  14. I would hit one with CS and use the collected pollen on another plant.

    I need to make some CS in the next few days to make some femmed seeds. I'll use a 9v battery connected to 2 sterling silver earring backers...hang the earring backers in some distilled water fer day or so...then filter the mixture through a coffee filter. I'll spray the plant the first weeks of flower and collect the pollen...using it on another plant of the same strain creating S1 seeds.

    with autos it's kind of a crapshoot just have to hope that you're reversing a stable female and also pollenating a stable female.

    *With an auto I'd hit it with the CS from week 3-5..after making sure it's female first of course.
  15. I bought a 1oz silver bar. Found a 9v power adapter and hooked up some clips. Seems to work better than the battery. Least for me :) the seeds are female. (That's what it says anyways) so your saying that it's possible that all the seeds may not be auto's?

    *Ordered from Attitude seed bank.. so I would hope that they would be stable.. but they are seeds and I know how that goes..
  16. no I didn't say that.
  17. [quote name='"Bongsauce"']no I didn't say that.[/quote]

    Sorry I guess I don't know what you mean.. could you be a little clearer please..
  18. Nature's Gold Premium True Colloidal Silver Liquid 100ml

    May be taken orally. It may be used as a rinse for acne, eczema and other skin irritations. It can also be gargled, dropped into eyes and ears, used vaginally and anally, as well as atomised and inhaled into the nose or lungs.

    I doubt it's going to do any harm if you smoke it tbh.
  19. Ingesting a metal is VERY different then inhaling it vaporized.
  20. atomized = aerosol

    smoking = combustion


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