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How to heat nail without torch.

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by xxOgkushxx, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. watup guys im in s super shitty situation with the law. basically i got charged 4 felonies ima prolly get one dropped and they took my rig my torch nd all my wax like 6gs. i get paid on tuesday i in litterally have $55 in my pocket and $1 in my bank. i have like .2 prolly i have my other rig nd my tinail. if i heat it with the stove how do i hold the nail nd then put it back in the rig without burning my self. thanks for the help. i was so looking forqwar to 2014 i thought its gonna be a great year nd ima be locked nd nd on probation. 

  2. 4 felonies? For weed/wax? How is this possible? We're you like smuggling or trafficking or something? Isn't possession a misdemeanor?
  3. Never thought I would say this on Grasscity but just quit man. Just, quit.

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  4. ^^ It's a felony because it's concentrated just like they can get you a felony for hash.
    OP I used a gas stove to heat a glass nail once so maybe it will work for Ti. I just held the nail with plyers to hold it to the stove then dropped it in my rig

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  5. dude, in some states (like mine) more than 3 gs concentrate will get you an f word.

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  6. Shit, had no idea. Thanks for the heads up :)
  7. yeah man. it fuckin sucks.

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  8. no one of the felonies is for wax. one is for brass knuckles other 2 are for 2 unmentionables. and im in CALI i do have my rec. so i belive that felonies gonna drop. but shit aint lookin good for the brass so far. lawyers have a real hard time fighting that. 2 unmentionable shudnt be too bad either. brass knuckles is what fuks me. if i had my glokk on me when i got stopped i wouldve been been straight. but brass knuckles is worse then havin a gun on u. 
    wtf nigga gtfo i prolly knowe beettter plugs then u. tell me were u can get a gram of the bomest wax for 20. or 1.5 of some decent wax for 5. quit cuz i got 4 felonies and the cops took my torch? and im jus tryna hit a dab so i can fucken eat liike a proper person and sleep cmon g dont hate so much.
  9. It wasn't hate man. It was some advice. Sometimes throwing in the towel is called for.

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    Nothing to do with hate man. I believe he was giving you good advice condsidering you are facing 4 felonies, like $56 to your name and you are concerned with heating a nail and getting more wax. Dude priorities mean something's have to be put on hold and from this side of the screen it sounds like herb is running your life and you may need time away to recoup and straighten more serious things out first. It has nothing to do with how much you can get it for...who cares if you get it for free if you are sitting in jail/prison.
  11. And how can you say it'd have been better if you had your gun? With the wax AND unmentionables combined with a firearm would pretty much guarantee prison time in my neck of the woods...the law does not take firearms and illegal drugs lightly plus at that point I believe the Feds/ATF can get involved...
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    i im def gonna quit once im on probation but for now nahhh i aint quitin. if i stop smokin dabs is that gonna help? im working on monday theres $120 i get a 1k payemtn from my websites on wed nd i should have the money by friday. i have $56 to my name nd nah thats not all im worried about right now. if i dindt have the wax what help would it have done for the 2 unmentionables nd brass knuckles. i have my medical card. the felony for the wax is gonna get dropped i believe
    well idk how brass knuckles with 2 unmentoinable and wax looks like but my glock wouldve looked better i can tell you that. you can search the law on brass knuckles. lawyers know how to fight gun cases. i doubt many lawyers kno how to fight a brass knuckle case. there also trying to accuse me of a murder now linked to the brass knuckles which just might fuck me up the ass but as of right now yea i want to get really high and at least be able to have some type of joy. im a 18yo kid just tryna live his life. i had 2 buisnesses making me 7k a month and now my websitres and my personal buisness is just gonna go down the trash. my clients will either find out im locked up or ima just disappear without them knowing. right now the $56 to my name isnt what worries me. i got my car out the impound. i have a full tank of gas my rents paid. those $56 i have just need to get me food till monday. which they def will.
  13. Oh I'm well aware how illegal knuckles are. But the gun is going to appear more dangerous to police and especially a jury if it got that far. There's a reason you cannot possess a firearm if you are a convicted felon. My fiancé was given these spike things you put on your key chains. Basically plastic knuckles with sharp ass points...they are sold commercially but I still voiced the concern that god forbid something happens they might consider them knuckles and end up with a weapons charge.

    I'm just saying man with the situation and scene you painted it sounds like taking a mental break would be helpful especially if you already have eating/sleeping issues as this stress isn't going to help. Plus it might help you if you go in front of the judge and can say you already have quit the weed and if you are able you can prove it by pissing clean when you enter prob...just a nice character boost if you go in there having done it voluntarily and without any reward dangled out there like a reduction of charges.
  14. Wax is a felony, considered meth because it is extracted by butane
  15. damn your in cali, im in the bay. dude u have your rec so u can just say u got it at dispensary. for brass knuckles im not sure, shouldnt be that bad. the 2 unmentionables if it was small quantity, you should not be seeing any jail time whatsoever. You'll probably get probation thats it. And probably not the probation to do with drug testing.
  16. i mean i dont get how it was advise. thanks for not hatin thats hte last hting right now. but what advice was it . im gonna def quit once im on probatoin. but right now quiting isnt gonna help anythin. im pretty sure the fleony for the wax is gonna be dropeed. sincei have my medical card. but is quiyting gonna help the other 3 felonies?
  17. Sorry to bother you with my nonsense. Just thought chilling out on herbs might be helpful given your situation. Wish you all the best.

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  18. yea im sure the charges will be dropped for the wax i dont need to explain where it came from even.  im only 18 ive gto arested before but never alon u kno. everytime they just took me to my parents nd let me go. you really think theyll do probation wihtout drug testin? i really doubt it but for the brass its worse then carrying a gun. but still probation sucks dick
  19. Do us all a solid and become a judge cause you are lienent as hell. I had mis probation and still had to drop...I honestly do not see how you could think 3 felonies (assuming he gets the 1 dropped) with one being a weapon charge and another for hard drugs would only get fully unsupervised probation. If he gets supervised prob and no jail I'd be doing cartwheels out the court house in this situation.
  20. im accualy thinkin of doin that. ima prolly end up not smokin for the week to get my self unaddicted md start eating without weed or wax. nd sleepin. nd then ima start just dabbin at night. ive been smokin everyday since 13 im 18. havent stopped for 5 years. so when i got high it was like just to feel normal. now its gonna be more rewarding to sit down at night and be able to smoke all the wax i saved not smokin during the day in once sesh so itll be enjjoyable. and then idk about goin before the judge and saying that if i feel ioke i dont need to smoke anymorwe to feel normal ill prolly just stop once dec hits and tell the judge im clean. but thats a maybe. 

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