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  1. Ok time for me to vent/ask for help.....

    Its my senior year in highschool and all i hear and see pictures of our all these sweet ass parties with kids getting fucked up and everything, they look fun as fuck...and i don't want to hear about how getting drunk is a waste of time, to me i want to have fun...ive been to the occasionally parties like maybe once or twice a year but i want to have a lot more fun, so is there anyway i can put myself out there, get invitied to parties or w/e...i don't want to be an asshole and show up uninvited or whatever, i want to have a good time because its my senior year, i mean im kinda shy but not really, im cool with everyone, i just dont get inivited anywhere....anyone have any tips on how i can get invitied to these parties and everything?

    Thanks guys, sorry for the venting bullshit
  2. Once or twice a YEAR?! Jesus, man! What about your friends...they don't like to drink or get fucked up? 98% of the people i know drink or go to parties 2+ times a week. (I'm in college however in high school we had a party every weekend or every other weekend).
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    Hmmm, well do you know people? If you know people that like to chill, then its likely you can get invited. But really, almost all the parties i go to, i throw. So ya know.

    If you want people to like you, and drink with you and shit. You gotta be throwing down for one. And just act chill, dont get drunk and make a fool of yourself. Then they think your chill, and you guys kick it.

    Its like this, you cant just sit and wait for someone to ask you, hey you wanna go to a party. So like, if you know someone that likes to party and shit, get to know um, and you ask them, wanna have some beers or w.e? Most likely they do (cause they like to party right?). Then there ya go, relations.

    I just moved here recently, and dont know a lot of people. So i gotta find someone to get bud from. I had a few connects that were kinda unsteady. But i went to the skatepark, i heard some dudes talkin about smokin a bowl, so i wasnt intrusive about it, but i was just like, whats up you lookin to match. Theyre like sure, went to the car, toked two bowls. Got his number, and now he brings bud to my house. Im smokin on some dank he brought me last night.
  4. no they do, its just they dont get invitied to shit too

    i want to party so bad, its not like im a geek or anything, id say im in the middle between popular and geek its just i dont get inivited to do stuff
  5. Throw a party.
  6. [​IMG]

    Fuck a lot of women. Not just one women. A LOT of women.
  7. just start chilling with cool people and make them like u

    eventually they'll invite u to hang out
  8. shit I thought that was jean luc picard you were quoting for a second.
  9. Dont worry about existing parties, and getting envited to them. If you want to chill at a party, have your own. Dont let them decide if your gonna party or not, you do what you want to do, and if they want to join you (which they do), then they will.

    You have this fog in your head making you think you have to go to their parties. Get some money, get some bottles, have fun. You dont have to trip about having the best party and people leaving either, you dont even have to be at your house. Me and my friends used to get drunk almost dailey, wed drink at the river, and just in alleys and shit. And a lot of the time at my place, or occasionally at another buds house, but thats just me.

    Its whatever, just have fun bro.

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  11. 1. Throw a party.
    2. Be yourself.
  12. dude i was in the same position my senior year, alot of my friends were a year younger than me and i wasnt really friends with the kids that threw parties.
    That was about the time i started smoking too.
    I just found cool shit to do.
    once you get to college things will change
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    if your a senior this year its a little late man... i'd just look forward to college and a new slate

    oh and if your town is anything like mine the "parties" are the same groups of people getting together every weekend, every weekend. not much fun, you're not missing out on much
  14. Yeah if you want to go to more parties, get yourself out there. Don't be a fake-o just to go to parties and get drunk though. There are a lot more ways to have fun than just partying.
  15. For some reason i actually never enjoyed HUGE partys in highschool.... i got to fucked up every time, worried about to much like looking after my friends, and getting caught. So what i did was just invited 10-15 closest friends over, or one of them did likewise, and we'd just sit back get fucked up and enjoy the ride.... As of right now my favorite setting is with my girlfriend, sheze funny, and ughh.... when the horny highs come i dont havta worry:hello:
  16. Nah it's never too late. It's simple if you wanna turn shit around. Ask people what they're doing this weekend. You're not going to get into anything if you're not actively looking for it. Talk to your friends, hang out with them, or get into something with someone else and make some new friends.

  17. This is so fucking true for all of the parties in my town. I was kinda like the OP my first two years of high school but then my junior year I started toking a lot and got my own group of stoner friends. Once you get a good base of friends just try to go to the parties and be like yo I got some bud who wanna smoke? Honestly high school parties are over rated, I would much rather be with my group of 4 bros and just tokin.
  18. being invited doesnt matter, all the parties i go to i heard about and just show up. Some of them can be kinda crazy. i have like 2 or 3 good friends who almost always know when parties are going down so im good.
  19. let me guess you saw a bunch of pics on face book that look like everyone is having the times of their lives in someones kitchen passing around some bottles? yes it does look like a ton of fun but youll find out soon enough that pics are extremely deceptive and your not missing out on as much as you think
  20. + rep my friend. you it the nail on the head, literally.

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