How to harvest males?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by lacrossestar, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. How do I harvest males and should i smoke the balls too or just the leaves?
  2. the balls r the best bit, like the buds on a fem only u dont get as much.

    if u want to smoke leaf then soak it over knt (at least over knt) to leach out the clorafill. the water will turn green when this happens, its the clorafill that makes the smoke harsh and gives some ppl headackes, get rid of it then dry the leaf slow. as its leaf not as dence as bud it drys a lot faster but still dont rush it.

    well preped and dryed leaf will smoke as smooth as silk but will never b as strong as bud.

    if u have a lot of leaf then u may wanna try hash making, canna butter, hash oil etc,
  3. So let some of the leaves stay near the balls and take the rest and soak them in water... but for how long? Does it taste like weed and have you ever done this?
  4. remove the flowers from the plant and dry them then smoke them.

    the longer u soak the leaf the smoother it will b, u will never get it all out by soaking no matter how long u soak them 4.

    the way i do it is to half fill my bath with warm (not hot) water then dump all the leaves in and leave them in the water over night (12hours+) the water shud b a rich green colour by now. empty it out and do it again if u want. u will get some more green out the 2nd time but nowhere near as much as the 1st time. try not to move the plants around to much when in the water as that will knock off the resin glands and thats a bugger to wash off the bottom of ur bath.

    taste.... it is weed so yeah it tastes like weed, it aint gonna taste like chicken is it. if u mean does it have that nastey leaf taste then no it shudnt, not if u wash it right thats the whole point. if u meen does it taste like buds then yeah, its all a part of the same plant aint it so y wudnt it, mayb a slighty more hashy taste and smell when burned than fresh bud tho. but the dry leaf when stored does tend to smell like tea leaves 4 sum reason.
  5. I was under the impression that the males did not get one very high. This seems like a lot of work for something that would not get you very high. Unless off course you were a lightweight. :)
  6. if i were you i wouldnt waste my time smoking males:(

  7. we dont all have an endless surply of premo female buds bursting outta our stash boxs, theres nowt rong with smoking males unless ur a snob.
  8. When should i harvest when the balls are all opened or what?
  9. iv nerer thought about the best time to harvest a male b4, iv just done it when they have shown as male so my fems dont get laid.

    if i was gonna try and harvest them at the best time tho i think id do it after it has grown a lot of flowers but b4 most of them have opened, either that or id just keep pulling the flowers off b4 they opend and dry them and keep doing that till the plant seemed to lose vigor and then id harvest the rest.
  10. Smoking male plants for their THC content is retarded. There is hardly any in it. The only way to get high off of your males is to concentrate the resins. Make hash, unless you would like to take a bath in your soaking male pot leaves. HE HE HE HE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. calling ppl retarded is just ignorant and plain rude. this sight is about answering ppls questions not name calling u ....

    hash making is a pain in the arse, loads of pissing about and wot do u get at the end of it? a tiny bit of resin that sells at £35 an oz. ud spend more in electric making the ice to make the hash than wot the hash wud b worth when u spent days and days making it. how retarded is that????
  12. calm down man. he didn't call the person a retard, rather the action.

    (smoking (male plants for their thc content)) is retarded.

    but it still kinda sucks to hear it huh?
  13. how can it b retarded when they get u stoned?
    yeah ur right, much better to just chuck them in the bin or spend hours trying to get that thc out by making hash, even tho males have low thc.

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