How To Handle Bad Head?

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  1. I rolled up to this party last night and started laying some game on some girls
    one of them took an interest in me almost instantly and started grinding on me while she was playing beer pong
    I disappeared for a bit to see what else the party had to offer
    I ended up coming back and was talking with her while she was playing beer pong
    she backed me into a corner and was leaning back on me and kept grabbing at my dick
    we dipped up stairs to the bathroom and I figured it was about to be on
    after getting her top off I tried to nudge her head down in that direction and she got cold feet because people were knocking on the door
    and she was visiting her sister or some shit and didnt want people to know

    so here comes the best/worst part
    she wanted to go outside and continue I guess
    after looking for a good spot I ended up posted up on some random car
    and she finally got to business and I was ready to just sit back and enjoy it
    she started with just a hand job and was literally ripping my skin around
    I had to tell her to stop doing that and to use her mouth
    which wasnt much better she was biting my dick like crazy
    I had to tell her to watch her teeth every like 20 secs
    I started to guide her head and finally got a rhythm going and started gagging
    she could only fit like an inch of my dick in her mouth with out gagging
    after like 10 mins she kept asking if I was almost done and believe me I was trying to bust my nut
    I hadnt gotten a blow job in a while and was pumped but it was terrible

    is this just not a winnable situation?
  2. was she drunk? maybe she couldn't keep her teeth under control.
  3. She was probably drunk, haha sorry man.
  4. Here's some advice: get a girlfriend and stop hooking up with drunken sluts. :)
  5. Then what's the fun in life?

    OP, the best I can tell you is to not get head from her again. I don't know the chick(obviously) so maybe she is a virgin and just doesn't know what to do. You probably could have got some butt sex if you tried lol. But I'd just go to another party and pick up another chick that looks like she knows what she is doing.
  6. bad head? how the fuck did she do that what did she blow you with her teeth aww man you poor thing never have i ever heard that i gave a guy bad head...that would suck ass lol sorry maybe you will have better luck next time
  7. hahah I could but like someone else said, wheres the fun in that

  8. You belong to a whole different species of human that I don't understand.

    I just can't imagine going to a party and looking around for the hottest guy to fuck.

    I know a lot of girls that only talk about how many guys they've been with and how big their dick was etc etc but I just don't know why two people who have no respect for each other would hook up like that.
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    Lots of women suck at giving dome. Usually it helps if they just stay still and let you fuck their mouth.

    PS - Let this be a lesson to all the ladies of GC:

    1 - When you're giving a handjob, don't rip the skin off our dick. It fuckin' hurts.
    2 - When you're giving a blowjob, your teeth do not need to touch our dick. It fuckin' hurts.
  10. Thats cuz if a guy say "you suck at sucking" its almost a guarantee he wont be getting it again. But really this sounds like my ex lol. Same thing, wouldnt get more than 2 inches in and would scrape regularly. Try an older girl, i hooked up with a 27 year old a couple nights ago and she gave amazing head! Took the whole thing down and not once did i hit teeth
  11. I used to like fucking drunk sluts. Honestly, having sex in a relationship is 100% better. Besides, you both know how to properly work each other over. And you dont have to worry about the STD/How many other guys did this girl fuck this weekend factor.
  12. lol he could just b like wow u suck and get sum1 else i mean if she asks and u say no u get bad head wen u say yeah it wasnt good she tries thats how it works wit me even tho i dnt hear it sucks wen i ask so idk...

  13. wut? :confused:
  14. This!

    You gotta warn her first though, it's only fair. Lay some wisdom on her:

  15. Ha took me a minute to get that. But i get what your sayin
  16. it makes the girl step up the game she dosent wanna be put to that was not suppose to rhythme lol

  17. Yea umm.. l2puntuate. What were you trying to say?
  18. if a guy were to say to me "wow u give bad head" id be like oh really then i would step up my game and show him what Great head is like. The more a guy tells me im bad at something the more i step up and try . If he's not satisfied neither am i.
  19. ^my kinda girl

    you should've just grabbed her, bent her over the hood of the car and pounded the shit out of her, would've been just as obvious as her sucking your dick and would've been better for both of you

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