how to handle a first timer?

Discussion in 'General' started by Ferris2000, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. hey guys...i was jw cuz a couple of my friends are spendin the night tonight at my buddies house and were grabbin bout a 8th for the night... and were bringin some1 along as well whos never smoked b4 and was jw wat we can do to make him feel comfortable and not have him go crazy like all emotional and stuff that some people can get, but maybe he wont even get high cuz its his 1st time. any thots?
  2. Make sure he inhales.

    That is all.
  3. ya lol...but i meen like after we wat we can do cuz we dont kno wat to expect him to be like...jus thinkin ahead of time
  4. hmmm if i could chose how my friends handled my first time over, it would have involved these things, and i suggest u have them lol

    1 ounce haha
    pink floyd The wall, the movie not the album
    video games
    a car to go get warm munchies instead of chips, like taco bell or whities
    uhhh, or some just really good weed movies

    oh and a bong for sure, get him to take a few rather large rips he should feel pretty good lol
  5. sit him/her on the couch and theyll be fine. I would have plenty of food for them though
  6. ya I wouldn't do anything that could be too intense, unless the person is obviously calm and flowing with the high (basically not freaking out), then you've got a natural storner on your hands haha :smoke:
  7. Get him ashigh as possible, thats what my friends did for me along time ago.... I loved it, and yeah be sure to have alot of food and a trippy movie..
  8. haha nice guys... yah were deff. gettin some munchies and takin a ride to mcdonalds or sumthin and watchin harold and kumar maybe or Grandma's Boy
  9. Harold and Kumar is so damn funny.......
  10. I say let him wander around in gta as much as he wants, play good mellow music, have a couple of good stoner movies on call, munchies and drinks close by, soon, he will be one of us. Mwahahaha
  11. my vote is to let him get only three TRUE rips off a bong using good marijuana...and make him cough on the last hit if he isnt already. i say let him get a nice that will make him want to come back and do it again...not one that will freak him out. yay.
  12. dont laugh at him, let him do what he wants, if in doubt stick on the ps2 and some music he likes...
  13. Buy some pizza
  14. i second jack's notion of pizza.

    i also strongly suggest having some ice cold water on hand for him. and (a wide variety of) carbonated beverages along with a few snack items of his choice.

    i'd tell him to bring music that he likes and tell him all about how much better it will sound :D (other peoples' music freaked me out my first times heh)

    then pop in some funny ass movies and chill on the comfy couch.

    oh yeah and teach him all the good stoner ethics everyone at gc shares :eek:
  15. Tell him that no matter how much anyone describes being high the first time, he wont have a clue what to expect.
  16. haha he's gonna freak the fuck out.

    I smoked out my buddy for the first time and he thought my chair was eating his ass apart
  17. I don't think he'll freak out...more just a laugh A LOT!
  18. I didn't read all the posts, just the first few, but here's how you handle it: Laugh at him for tweaking.

    Why are you so concerned with how someone else is going to react? That's the funny part. :D It's not like he's going to have a bad trip from smoking a blunt, haha. Don't have to worry about sticking a spoon in his mouth during a seizure, if that's the kinda help you're looking for. :rolleyes:
  19. I smoked out my good buddy that is now my weekly smoking partner. The first time, I let him type stuff on the computer that he wanted to look back on, as well as lots of Gatorade and DVD's, oh and a nice pillow always helps the situation, just in case he started feeling that way....

    Toke on, my friends. :D
  20. Wow. You people are white? I never heard of friends as nice as you guys. >_> (I'm white, but I don't hang out with "white" people)

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