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How to haggle with your Local Headshop?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MutantCrabAnt, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. I'm planning on heading up to DC and get myself a nice but basic bong/bubbler along with a case and perhaps a better grinder and i'm assuming they are gonna mark up the prices more than what i can get stuff for online, what is the best way to talk them into lowering the price a little?

    Anyone with experience?
  2. k bud this is what i would do

    go inside the shop and pick out some pipes that u like....2-3 of them.

    Look at the one you want. inspect it very closely. any bubbles in the glass? ( a sign of poor glasswork)? Cracks? Dents? Chips? Stains?

    Even the tinyest thing?

    Point it out. Say youll pay lower than the marking price then just haggle with him.

    Also see how much dust is on the piece. if theres ANY DUST AT ALL that generally means its been sitting there for a while and the store owners just gonna want to get rid of it.

    Or to get more for your money try to get a free grinder/different female piece/different diffuser/glass screens or something with your purchase.
  3. is it uncouth to ask for them to drop the price down a little if its way higher than what i can get it for online? Also is it typical to ask for a bit of a discount if you buy stuff with your bong like bags or other accessories?
  4. It is kind of uncouth cuz you can just get the pipe online and not have to deal with it

    and no its not typical to ask for a bit of a discount if you buy other things but just cuz its not typical dosnt mean it wont work
  5. na man they usually have room to bargain. I'm sure that most of the pieces they have are 2 months old and they want it out.
  6. it might be a bit rude to go lower than sticker. be like "man, nice piece but its got a big bubble(whatever defect). can i get a grinder with this too?"
  7. man, my boy was going to buy a 35$ steam roller, 75$ grinder, and 10$ roller case... so 120 total, i tried to get him down to atleast 110...He wasnt with it at all, he said it dips into his profit, and the store across the street sells for more then them. So apparently he is already giving a discount....even tho 75 for a grinder is ridiculous
  8. Thanks, i'm trying not to go in there and look like a douchebag haggling prices like its a supermarket but i'm also not trying to get ripped off.
  9. here's how you do it, i promise this is the least dickish way to do it. go in and pick out a piece and tell the person working there "i really love this piece but i only have X amount to spend, can i get it for that?"
  10. I know that in the Indian Arts and Crafts places in Georgetown and Woodley, the guys are VERY willing to haggle. Buy your piece and ask them to drop it to a certain price and they'll probably even throw in some screens and papers. If you buy it for regular price, they would probably throw in a pipe.

    Capital Hemp haggles with me sometimes as well. Not too sure about other places, but I would definitely try. Lots of places do it normally. A lot of times, they make me the offers.
  11. this, and be sure that you actually only have that much in your wallet. Don't say "Man i only have $40," and end up having $100 in your wallet.

    But yeah just be like damn thats a nice piece, spend a fair amount of time checking it out, I wouldn't try to get more than a 10% discount this way though.
  12. Yeah i was considering doing it that way and i can also be honest while i do it so thats a plus.

  13. Where do you get your grinders? Online or local?
    Man, a decent sized grinder around here is at LEAST $120-200.
    Some of them are even more pricey but I couldn't see ever going above 200.
    I have a really good one that my brother passed down to me, it works great soo..

  14. this is the best method imo and works all the time for me :D
  15. well, it was a titatium steel grinder with the keif catcher...He didnt end up getting it, but it was on mainstreet.
  16. Know how much you wanna spend.

    Pick something that costs a little more.

    Tell the dude you're short by like 15-20%-ish.

    See what he says. Be really polite and interested, and make the guy feel like he's teaching you about pipes. Those guys eat that shit up.
  17. old thread, but good info. ill be trying that tactic tomorrow
  18. I think I might try to have my girlfriend to in there and bat her eyes at the Guy a little and see if he'll Bhopal a little lower then.
  19. My LHSs don't haggle.

    Theyll probably have to close soon, cuz everyone buys online now.
  20. [quote name='"Ironic"']My LHSs don't haggle.

    Theyll probably have to close soon, cuz everyone buys online now.[/quote]

    I don't think I'd buy a pipe online. Maybe from some place like esty though. Most people seem to say that there are minor differences in color, size and whatever else than what was pictured on websites. Which is fine, but the feeling of going into a shop and picking 1 out of hundreds is cool to me.

    Now, a metal pipe, grinder, and all the "accessories" I'd buy online. But glass will always be an LHS thing for me.

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