How to guarantee female plants

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  1. Is there any product that can be used to help raise the odds for your plants to come out female?
  2. I think it's in the seed's genetics if it's goin to be female or male so you cant change that but I do know that from you can buy female seeds and you can make female seeds but I have never really looked into it....
  3. Yes there is such a product........however the average grower should not mess around with it ,as the 'seed' crop it is applied to becomes toxic.
  4. Amanita,

    it encourages the plant to "hermie" and not means the plant will express both Sexes instead of just one...that is NOT what you want ;)

    Hermies can apear anytime and ruin your crop wih crappy seeds that will originate more hermies :(


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  5. i wouldent by the "positivly" female seeds... they are quite expense.. and u get hermies form them anyway... u better off if ur gunna buy them to get just regular ones and then weed out the males if you dont want them
  6. Well I have heard that if you pollinate
    the male flowers on a hermaphrodite, the seeds will be female. Is that true?
  7. To be honest, why not just leave them how they are you start fucking with them man your messing with mother nature and when she gets pissed boy does she get pissed!


    Just grow the shit. You start messing with it you just get nasty shit.
  8. This months hightimes has an article with two methods of producing feminised seeds. Use the light poisoning method, its much safer then the chemical method.
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  9. High,
    At the moment i have two afghani/hindukush
    growing indoor.
    1 is a male and 1 is a female which is stressed alot.
    The female was showing male flowers.
    Statement: If male it's chomosomes are X and Y
    and the female is X and X.
    When i cross the true male with the female i get XX and XY.
    And when i cross the female it's male flowers with the
    female flowers i get XX and XX, all female
  10. if you stress plant they can turn to hemies! and yes they do make a soaking fluild but its not what you think it is hard to use and yes toxic the weed grower should pick regaler seeds and pick out the good if that not what you want go clones their sold at (http// the clone way!

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