How to Grow the Finest Marijuana Indoors Under Lights (Paperback)

Discussion in 'Books on Growing Cannabis' started by Superjoint, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. anyone ever read this? how in depth is it?
  2. i havent read it but of all the books i have read on canna. they all seem to say the same things when it comes to the act of growing. however the dj short (grow exceptional canna) book was interesting on the breeding side as well as changing the flowering light cycle for diff. strains for diff . effects . for instance 13/11 n so on. i have also saw that subcool from tga has a book out but i havent had the chance to read it. i am leaning toward reading the books by growers not just about growing . i think you would like the subcool book joe .
  3. im actually looking for an advanced growing book....something that will take a good grower to the best grower, most of the books ive read or seen cover the basics of growing for any beginner to intermediate grower, i want something that will be much more in depth and comprehensive and more technical stuff......if anyone has any advice about a book that has this please let me know
  4. ive been lookin too. the only thing that ive seen is stuff by other known growers dropping some of their technique info. alot of it that ive read is split by dif growers so far . like soil by subcool and light times by dj short in combination with maybe a skilled organic or synthetic fertilizer that you have to dail in . things like that could realy pop some buds. the subcool book is like 30 bucks at amozon. i'll let ya know if i find anything.
  5. whats good yall im trying to know how to grow buds the whole process right from when they are ready to smoke could any one help me

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