How To Grow Small Autoflower Cannabis Plants

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  1. Hey guys, New to the forum here but im always browsing it :) anyways my name is Tyler, Nice to meet all of you's :)

    To get to the point, I am currently growing Cheese Auto by Dinafem and she is doing great with 2 CFL's and 2 Incandescent, I know some are going to say get some better lights, but its an experiment to learn from so my next grow will be great, Hopefully :) . And i just want some personal weed to have.
    The Cheese managed to hit 4 foot in height and out grew my wardrobe lol and she is budding up quite nicely for my liking, But for my next grow I want to be able to grow up to 1 or 2 feet, i have heard of LST and purposely stunting the growth going from a 1 gallon pot too a 2 gallon pot and that some how doing that stunts it.
    Is there any tips or info you can give me in order to grow small plants but huge buds/colas ? :) Your help would be greatly appreciated 

    I would like a plant close to the size of the picture attached :) 

    also can you top an autoflower to stop growth, in the early stage of course :) or will it just create 2 colas, or will it not recover ?

    Thanks people  :smoke: 


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  2. the answare is LST Low Stress Training when the apps up i will post a pic of my short autos i also have big ass ones too. or head over to my auto help page first few and last few pages have some good pics up of my plants bung and questions you have :)
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    I was thinking of doing what this dude done, except not in a grow case, in a computer desk ;)
    but my main worry would be it out growing it haha.

    would i be best using one of the long pots like the guy in the video ?
  4. <a></a>
    Sorry video wasnt popping up for me 
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    smallest ive grown to biggest i helped grow haha :) but lst and small autos are ya best bet for pc grows mate dwarf seeds do some small autos low ryder2 by joint dr is a low plant most low ryders stay small 
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    oh that big one was in a 35l pot and was huge 11oz dry
  6. They look amazing, so youre saying get a strain crossed with lowrider ? or just get lowrider.

    could you post up a couple of strains tat are meant to grow small and big buds, for others to see, in the case that they are looking for the same as me :) would be very helpful :)

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