How to Grow in an Urban Setting?

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  1. How would an 18 year old living with his/her parents in a suburban community where weed is frowned upon grow? I'm and really sick of buying because, where I live, I pay $60 for an eighth and as a high school student (soon to be college student) I simply don't have that kind of money. I want to grow some plants; no more than 3. I was thinking of growing an Alaskan Thunder Fuck, an Afghani, and maybe a Ghost OG. Between the 3 plants, my goal is to yield around half a pound, which I think is very achievable and will last me about 10 months. My main problem is, how would I go about doing this in my environment? Growing in my parents house is not an option as they would never give me permission to do so and I respect their rules. From where my house is located, I have about 10 square miles of Urban land however, outside of the suburb I live in (4 square miles) , it's extremely dangerous; like 30 dead bodies found every month dangerous. So what do you guys think? have any of you grown in a situation/environment I'm in? How did it work out for you? Also, even though I wouldn't be yielding as much as I wanted, I would be willing to LST and limit the room for the roots to keep smaller plants and lower the risk of being caught. Thanks for the help! 

  2. Fuck man, move away from that toilet. get a backpack, hitchhike the fuck out of there.
  3. of course its frowned upon it opens ur spiritual eyes which runs diametrically opposed to the american dream and capitalism unto death, esp in the suburbs, u see drunk drivers killing ppl and domestics etc but ppl allow alcohol because theyre completely warped and have no interest in living in balance with nature and our own bodies....
    i hate drunkaards they can all fuck right off....look into making a growbox but im sure if ur parents find it ull be in shit hell my dad would have called th popo on me for that, lol at 18 i was paying rent to live in a goddamn drug house owned by my father, he pretended he didtn know what was going on, lol basically avoid all that also if u have drunk freinds dont tel them shit abt ur grows drunks cant keep their mouths shut...maybe u can make a pc growbox..look into it
  4. Make a grow box, put a small TV on top of it and tell your parents you made it in wood shop at school.
  5. Get on google earth and start're gonna be doin' some guerrilla work.  If you find a spot where the light is good, the ground is full of worms, and the local weeds tend to thrive, you could do it with as little as a cheapo seed starter kit and a bottle of organic bug spray like Organicide or Eco Smart or something like that.   Get out there and follow the directions on the kit some time around April, assuming you live somewhere between the 30th and 45th N. parallel.  Pop those kids into the ground once they're ready, the after a couple of weeks start spraying 'em whenever you make it out there....the idea is to never let anything take hold in the first place.  You don't want to be spraying hardcore insecticides or fungicides later.  Sometime around July or August you should be able to easily determine sex and remove the males.  Unless you encounter a problem later, just spray for another two weeks from that point.  Sometime in October or maybe even the beginning of September, chop them bad girls, dry 'em, and jar 'em.   
    That's the gist.  Go check out some guerilla journals if you're serious about it.

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