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How to Grow for a Dispensary?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by BlizzardKush, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. Hey everybody and thanks for visiting this thread, Sorry if this has already been asked countless times. Anyways, I'm moving out to Santa Monica, CA soon and I'm really really interested into growing marijuana. I plan to go to Cannabis College and start breeding my own strains and I personally believe I can be the best at it(as I'm sure most of you laugh or smile), but I really have a passion for Marijuana like no other. But I want to keep the growing legal and want to sell to dispensaries and be a caregiver for some patients. I'm just looking into information about how I become a licensed grower for dispensaries and how I would get started. I would also like to know the limits of how many plants or what size of a grow operation I can run LEGALLY. Thank you for reading everybody.
  2. hey buddy, good to see u here in the city, i believe ur best bet would be to get into contact with a few of the major despenseries down in cali, and ask them, i'm sure they have a phone number or a web site.
  3. DUde, they don't allow these types of threads on GC.
  4. Why not? Its a pretty good question.
  5. Posts such as this seem to be very innocent and this one probably is; however, we have so many of these that pop up with the intentions of trying to be a caregiver for someone or obtain a caregiver which could potentially be nothing more than a hook up. Since we have a business that the forums stem from, we have to be very careful about these types of threads.

    We'll try to get a thread together that refers these questions to the appropriate places on the internet for answers.
Thread Status:
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