How to grow different varieties in one grow setup?

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    I am growing with a bubbleponics system from stealthhydro. It has 6 grow spots in it and Im only using 4 of them. I have placed a order for seeds through attitude and was wondering if i can grow 4 different styles under one grow? Any idea or tips would be appreciated, thanks!

    My order consisted of...

    Barneys Farm Pineapple Chunk Feminized
    Barneys Farm Red Diesel Feminized
    Barneys Farm LSD Feminized
    Barney's Farm Utopia Haze Feminized
    Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough Feminized
  2. The best advice I can give you is to run the nutrients real low. Some strains can't cope with as much nutes as other strains and it's always better to underfeed than to overfeed. :smoke:
  3. Grow strains that stay about the same height and with the same flowering period. I ran your genes throught the filter and this is what I came up with.

    Pineapple Chunk: Height: 60 - 80 cm/58 days flowering/Indica dom.
    Red Diesel: Medium Height/70 days flowering/Indica Dom
    L.S.D.: Height: 50 - 60 cm/flowering 60 to 65 days/Indica+Sativa
    Uptopia Haze: >60cm height/Indoor: 70 - 80 days flowering days/Sativa dom.
    Strawberry Cough: 63 days flower/Sativa dom./>60cm height

    have plants of the same height, and flowering time will make the grow a little easier to manage.

  4. where is this filter i want to use
  5. SeedFinder - The Cannabis-Strain-Search-Engine 2.0

    to get a list of every strain in the database search *.*

    One you get that list you can use the sort buttons on upper right of screen sorts include floweringtimes. You'll have to click every strain to find out the height info. Also far right you can get grower ratings. Also has pictures of just about everything.

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