How To Grow Corn In A Container

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  1. How to Grow Corn in a Container
    Anyone ever do this before?  I don't have much room but looks fun.  I was thinking using one of those big rubbermaid containers would be awesome for this.
    I also have two pepper plants crusing right now with 17 jalapeno on them currently, need a stuffed jalapeno recipe stat!

  2. I would recommend something that isn't miracle gro.  This might work really good wth self watering containers in a homemade organic soil mix. I will be growing corn outside for the first time this year can't wait.
  3. Corn is typically planted in a block as it needs a lot of close contact with other corn plants to pollinate well.,  Ever one of those silks on a corn cob  is a stigma and needs pollen to make a kernel.    I don't think a bucket would be very successful.  There are a lot of other plants that would do much better.
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    Anything can be grown in a container. Proper environment, conditions, soil. It's that simple.

    Environment, conditions; two BROAD terms.
    Container; also a broad term. Does not limit to a 5 gallon bucket. However, a big enough 'container, for something such as corn may very well be, what's the word? Unproductive? Nah, but you should get it.

    Corn in multiple 5 gallon buckets? A larger rubbermaid maybe? We'll find out, cause I went to buy seeds yesterday, but the place was out. I'll be using the larger, longer rubbermaid. My problem may boil down to adequate lighting, but I can throw it outside.

    Good luck if you try though. I'm about to google and see if there's any successful container corn.
  5. In my experience pretty much anything will grow in a container.

    Make sure its deep. Follow soil.guidlines for the want

    Most food cropz will do well if you put something that holds watsr like.clay at the bottom like 80 topsoil
  6. from personal experience rubber maids suck as planters

    They are too flimsy for the ammount of dirt they holf
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    True. If your going to be moving it. I'm young and very healthy, so moving them.for if need be isn't a problem. Also depends on how well you take care of the bins. I've never had one bust even if full of muck.

    For something such as potatoes (easily done in 5 gallon albeit), they work great.

    I can't think of anything long, slender, and deep enough for carrots (again, 5 gallon works).

    Growing plenty of extra is my goal however. I have underground storage needing to be filled :)

    And I like normal usual varieties. Not bred for small growing.
  8. Its true if your container garden is a more permanent fixture the rubbermaids are ok.

    I have about 6 rubber maids in my garden but i prefer the 5 gallon buckets because i live in a rental and i move like every year
  9. Ah man. Moving all the time sucks. I feel your pain man. I'm tired of it myself.

    Rubbermaids stack well though. Throw some trash bags of clothes in the cracks...lmao
    Same for buckets I assume.
  10. Yeah it's deep and packed with soil.  I have the feeling I should be using something else then MG but I'm starting out and don't know any better yet.
    I have corn stalks popping out strong already!
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    JRB - Miracle Grow is a terrible choice, sorry for putting it that way but I hate Monsanto. He is killing us with his GMO seeds, I really hope your growing organic corn...if not please don't grow that it is more likely than not GMO. I personally grow with my own homemade soil mixture but there are bagged soil options that are good to use as well. I will post some links underneath. I ask please do not grow non-organic corn only grow 100% non-GMO corn if we don't stop growing GMO we will never get it out of the system.
  12. Hey thank you so much kaghknow I'll certainly look into that, I know it's better then Miracle Grow but I'm just starting out and admittidly don't know any better.
    Except for some mystery things and specifics everything I buy/bought I check to be non-GMO. I understand your point and I'm 100% behind you.  A lot of the things I've bought are non-GMO from bannieplants becasue of that very reason.
    Again thanks for taking the time to post that.
  13. Hey man, it's truly hard to know what is what without knowing where to look. So, at least you are aware. No one will fault you for that at all. Kudos to that.
  14. We all have to start somewhere. I just hate to see people unknowingly choose a product that may do more harm than good for their health and whatever it may be that they are growing. I understand it is not logical for everyone to build their own soil from scratch but a quality bagged soil will work well and keep you and your plants happier and healthier in the end.
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    Here you go. It'll be in my Sig if you need the link again.

    Spread truth and wisdom. As knowledge is power.
  16. If you have a big enough container it will be no issue. Just dig up some dirt from your yard and use it. I'm growing 40 or so corn stalks in my front yard in one of my many gardens. It's got a nice root, needs a nice bit of water and sunshine and a bit of vermicompost goes a long ways. Currently growing over 60-80 different food plants in my gardens. Ask if you need guidance and I'll help ya.

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