How to grind?

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  1. Do you separate the stems out when grinding? thanks
  2. Just take out the big ones that are noticable, if you have a small grinder you might need to take them all

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  3. I eat the stems and the seeds, then pick my weed by hand
  4. Yea take out the big steams and don't put a huge 4 gram nug in there you have to break it up a little bit then put your nug in there so it can be grinded up nicely
  5. Lol I hope you're joking because that's retarded....especially for schwag

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  6. I pick out all the stems

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  7. any big gnarly stems i take out but i don't spend much time doing it. if your getting seeds in your bud start growing as far as stem i normally throw em out
  8. all stems I see come out. Also I have found that keeping a nickel in the grinder and shaking it post grind further grinds it so the consistency is more powdery. This makes it pack better and results in a nice even burn. happy tokin
  9. It also lowers the quality of the kief under it.
    Just give it a quick breakup to get out the big stems and grind it. If you want it grinded more fine turn your grinder upside down while you grind it up.
  10. I dont get shwag, the stems are purely fiber and the seeds are exactly the same as hemp seeds which are high in omega-3, amino acids and protein. Do your research before blind comments
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    Quantity > quality
  12. step 1: put weed in grinder
    step 2: grind
  13. Lol testy testy, it still strikes me as dumb to eat stems and seeds...but I guess if you're fiending like a crack head go ahead and scrape that nasty resin too

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  14. Really? this is a question?
  15. It won't hurt you, but it's more worth it to pick them out. They taste pretty bad when smoked (like smoking catnip), it's straight up burnt tree in your mouth. They have little to no THC, kinda just takes up space in your bowl/joint/etc. I've also heard from others that smoking stems gives them headaches but never had this experience myself
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    So how TF do you guys keep half the buds from getting stuck in the damn grinder ?
    I've only used 2 or 3 grinders, and I'm not saying they were not all POS grinders... Just saying, if I put in 1gm, I'd get back maybe, .7 or .8 gm's and < that, was only after picking at the grinder with something sharp.... Just a PITA !
    But wait ! Please, if your going to tell me your grinder works great, let me know the model, so I can look it up....
    edit: This experience ^ was usually with something at least semi-sticky. Oh sure, some kind of dried out mids would have probably grinded right to powder, in like 2 turns, and not stick to shit !  ;) But I'm talking worthwhile buds...
  17. Woah there compadre, it's been a while since I've even personally seen schwag, like years. Of course, I do live in good ole californy.
  18. Yeah I grounded a gram and it came out nice and loose, after removing the stems.

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