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How to go out and Smoke w/out Parents Knowing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LewdAmnesty, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. I still live w/ my fam and I'll go out and when I go out I usuly smoke. So when I get back my parents question me on what I did while hangin' or w/ever w/ friends. I feel I need better better excuses than saying I just fooled around for 3+ hrs or w/ever. so, I need excuses fam what do I tell 'em? what did/do you tell your fam what you did/do while out? You feel what I'm saying?

  2. tell them that you're smoking marijuana 
  3. Tell them you were participating in a meth fueled gay orgy and you may have aids. Then, when theyre all freaked out, be like "jjjuuuuuusssttt kidding....I was just smokin a little herb." It will put it all in perspective.
  4. Not if I still want a home to come back to lul.
  5. Don't get high when your parents are around or get a place of your own.
    Surely you can plan ahead & be gone long enough to handle it.
    Tell your parents you have a new girlfriend named Mary J. Wana.
  6. Just tell them what you did without the weed. We watched YouTube and played video games or whatever kids do now.
  7. this. 
  8. Back when I used to go out to smoke everytime, I'd always say I'm just going to hang out at a friends house, go to the store, sometimes I'd walk my dog through the forest. I didn't take 3+ hours though.. 
  9. I wouldn't even lie to my parents.
    "Where are you going son?"
    "This party with tons and tons of drugs and alcohol, obviously."
    They'd just laugh and pull out some sarcastic comment

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  10. Hate to say this, but your parents, unless they are totally out of touch with you will know that you are high....hell, one look into my kids eyes and I can tell if they had a couple hours sleep less than they needed, much less "bein' high on the weed". If your parents are dead set against it and it causes friction, best to not ride that tiger. Get buzzed when you have at least 3 hours away from them...or after they are sleeping harder than Rip Van Winkle.
  11. ^ you can love your kid but never know a marijuana symptom. doesnt mean shit if they can't tell you're high...
  12. 60 % of the time I can tell if someone is high everytime.
  13. Rhotos, febreze, hand sAnitizer.
  14. Is it 60% of the time or all the time?
  15. Yeah, thats what I said. And 60% of the time I say what I mean EVERY time.
  16. crush just a handful of tablets into food and use the time they are unconscious as opportunity to enjoy the things they restrict you from doing, they will probably maybe wake and feel refreshed and happy with life with no problems
  17. Smoke in your room. Make a crappy little apple pipe or a piece if you have one, load exactly as much as you can take in one hit, hold it, then blow through dryer sheets. Shouldn't be any smell at all
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    Always carry chewing gum and spray and if you have chronic red eye just say you're tired. Don't start smoking cigs either thats what fucked it for me my mum smelt them on me when I was spliffed off my nut one day she looked in my bag and found a grinder, some rizzla, about a gram of haze and 15 lambert and butler. Not much getting out of that one eh? Haha
  19. From my experience, when I go out and smoke with my buds I would tell my rents what I did just leave out the getting high part.

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