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how to go about transplanting my crop

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by reefapunk, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Dear anyone with superior growing knowledge,
    I am currently working on my 1st serous grow operation, i have fooled around a little bit before here & there with outdoor plants but this is my first indoor grow.
    I am 3 weeks into it and my plants are looking healthy and are beginning to grow quite rapidly. they are being grown in in potting soil.
    the problem i have come across is how to go about moving them into a larger bucket. they are currently growing in plastic cups & are beginning to outgrow them. I need to transplant them soon without damaging them & am not sure how to go about it...
    i've thought about cutting the cup from around it but the soil will not hold. i am afraid to pull them out and place them in them soil but i do not want to damage them. ughh:confused: i have thought about simply cutting the bottom from the cup and placing that in the bigger pot but am hesatent of it stunting the root growth..

    any idea's?
  2. It's easy.

    Water them, allow them at least 6 hours to dry up a little. Tip the cup over and let the base of the main stem go through your fingers. Work the cup and the rootball apart gently, let it all come out together. Give the sides a little water once you are all transplanted (giving the new soil some moister, and enticing the roots to spread into it).
  3. nice nice, thanks for the advice.. much appreciated

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