How to: Glass waterfall bong easy!!

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  1. hey gc this is my version of a glass waterfall bong.i use an arizona iced tea glass bottle. at the bottom theres a small indent that is easy to punch a small hole with a screwdriver and a hammer. then you make a hole in the cap, and put a wrench socket with a screen. pics are below,when i get tree ill posst a milkshott...shit gets you ripped with very little bud win win:hello: the arizona botlle was $1.95 lol and i found the socket in my garage not a bad glass piece for 2 bucks lol

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  2. I haven't seen a glass arizona bottle in years:confused:
  3. fuck that make a bong

  4. there all over in nj
  5. Hmm, might have to try this out man, thanks for the tut.
  6. I do this with beer bottles... Use a dremel to cut a hole in the bottom, bore a hole in the cap and place a glass bowl with a grommet. Things are killer.
  7. [ame=]Sick Waterfall Bong Milk!! - YouTube[/ame]
  8. hahaha "holy shit."

    say what you want about waterfalls (its probably valid), but even as a more "progressive" smoker who loves glass, there is still something I find so exciting about watching that thing fill up with brown, pillowing smoke. its probably just nostalgia bringing back the excited feeling I would get with a bunch of friends as we prepared to rip one back in 9th grade but they can still fuck me up

  9. haha yeaa jus inhaing that brown stale smoke and coughing your lungs out lol
  10. nice man. where abouts in nj r u from?

  11. reppin 856

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  14. hell yea nj knows wats good with buddha lol
  15. enough said lol

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