How to give great hickeys

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  1. Now many people know how to give a hickey, but a plain hickey just sucks. Time to step it up a notch. Start to gently, very gently, suck her neck. Slowly move to her ear and get it wet somehow, kiss, sucking, a little nibble. Breathe through your nose and exhale softly into her ear. The waft of warm air will make her whole body tingle. Just don't linger too long in this area; a little ear action can go a long way! Now do the same with the neck. Don't just suck, kiss, pull away, wait a second and blow gently on her neck. The air from your mouth is felt very well on a wet neck. From this point you can continue to be a hick meister or slowly kiss lower and lower, until you get to her breasts or her pelvic region. I dare not elaborate further. Remember the most important part is that you be confident and let her become entangled in the moment.
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    all guys should know this but dont do it


    i mean most
  3. Hickeys are tacky as fuck.....only in places they can't be seen!!!!! :)
  4. Obvious concern that OP is underage....

    What adult gives people hickeys?!?

    And what adult doesn't know how to give one? wtf is this?
  5. Why would you want to give someone a hickey?? :confused:
    Looks trashy as fuck.
  6. gently sucking and kissing the neck is nice but don't leave a mark. fuck that. i lol'd when you said pelvic region.
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    tell her that?
  8. lol. this reminded me that my ex girlfriend made me give her a hickey. i thought it was a really weird request, but she was 17 and I guess its cool to have hickeys when you are 17??

    I can't see any grown women asking to have a hickey, I agree it looks super trashy.
  9. hickeys are just plain trashy. :(
  10. Yep. Hickeys look mad trashy, they're fine in places where they aren't visible and don't look like they're being shown off, though.
  11. I was about to say, I thought girls didn't like these! I like giving them I'm not going to lie but the last time I gave one she had it for like 3 weeks.
  12. To the poster I used to respect.
    I was asked by a kid at my work how to give people hickey's becuase on the internet all it says is to suck, no shit. So I thought if I was going to help someone out who had no idea, maybe they would come across this and be like oh. And when you said that you were concerned I was underage I have to say I laughed and was pissed, not becuase you called me underage but becuase I agree with many of your posts, and to hear that is just a bitch move. Please before you do that or bring your own morals into the argument, stop typing, and move on becuase life is too short to neg rep someone for, oh wait thats right, pointless. I don't dislike anything else just your handling of this stupid ass post.
  13. Hey man, I use to give/receive hickeys when I was 15/16 years old. Why would you want to give someone a hickey? They look trashy.

    And sorry to the post above me. Neg rep sucks.

  14. Don't talk about giving people hickeys and you won't be thought of as an underage kid.

    Hickeys weren't cool in high school and they're definitely not cool when you're in your 20's...

  15. Did you not read what he said?

    He said a kid at his work asked him for some info.
  16. I don't understand what your response has to do with what I posted.

    But anyway... if some kid at work asked him for info, he should give the info to the kid at work - not post it on here where he will undoubtedly be flamed for it.

  17. Yea, shame on him, how dare he post his thoughts on a forum!

    Guy shouldn't be flamed for sharing information.
  18. Not for sharing information, but sharing this particular information. This thread is about as useful as one teaching people how to use a fork to eat mac and cheese.

  19. To assume makes an ass out of you and me.

    I'm not goin' to argue on the internet.

    Good day.

  20. :confused:

    Where did I assume anything?

    either way

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