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How to get zooted?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hurb1, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Ive gotten high plenty of times, stoned and somtimes burned out but how do you guys get zooted? I been trying but am i not smoking it right?
  2. smoke more weed. inhale correctly. smoke better weed. gravity bong (helps force proper inhalation).
  3. Get some dank. Smoke about 2 or 3 grams and you'll be zooted.
  4. Well, seeing as "being zooted" is just some really dumb ass shit, someone that was obviously too drunk and high to stand, invented. I dont get "zooted". I get fucking stoned.... Adding some ridiculous name, doesnt change the fact your just stoned.... regardless of how stoned you are. "I'm fucking radiated man" "I'm fucking toasted man" "I'm fucking baked man" "I'm fucking roasted man" see atleast all those ways of saying stoned, pertain to a theme of being hot, or burned, or something.... zooted....what the fuck dude
  5. :wave:

    Kinda Pissy, Eh? Try getting "Stoned" before you post. ......:wave::wave:
  6. smoke high quality weed no mids or no shit like dat, and smoke papers or take bong rips blunts fuck up the high(for me atleast)
  7. What faggots say zooted?

  8. no lol, My point is, if you have to ask how to get "zooted" you probably shouldn't be getting "zooted" its clearly above your league.

    And to add, im pretty high, all day lol, maybe i should get sober before i post hahahahahahah
  9. woah i didnt know you could get radiated? or toasted? WHy cant this happen to me an i read about people getting zooted i been smoking over 2 years off an on with low tolerance..what gives?
  10. Are you done raging?

  11. its more of a euro thing, but you can get zooted off some edibles or green dragon.

  12. That sucks. I tried to sympathy rep you, but it said I have to spread some around first. I hope you get hooked up soon. :(
  13. #13 SIRSOG, Oct 6, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 6, 2010

    I'm never done raging, lol thats a fact, i just dont get the fascination in making up silly words to describe something like getting high.... like i would suspect someone of low intelligence to call putting on a zoot suit, getting zooted....not smoking weed.

    EDIT: i see after some research soulja boy does a song pertaining to, getting zooted, and i do anything in my power to be a much UNLIKE him as possible due to his increasing ability to lower the human IQ, so i will continue to argue, that zooted, is a dumb phrase hahahahahha
  14. It sounds funny to me dude, relax.. :smoke:
  15. i would if only someone could tell me just how the fuck i get zonplastercated..yea... thats the new term for getting high zooted just went out of fashion HAHAHAHAHAH
  16. Why are you guys arguing:confused: Somone said to smoke 2 grams but ive done that and only gotten high? Well i get stoned somtimes but like usually half the times. Even if i smoke more there is no zooting ?

  17. Ha ha ha I'm going to incorporate that phrase tonight. The look on my roommates face is going to be classic!
  18. Dude, pack bongs of dank with some kief and hash. If you're not "zooted" you'll never be.

  19. ok man what im saying is stoned, blazed, high, baked, zooted... just mean your high, the level of high you perceive one or the other as is personal choice
  20. I have on many occasions well not usually kief but good shit. Im starting to think this whole getting zooted thing is an urban legand:( It sounds so fun too, man...

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