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How to get yourself to Tbreak?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Lghtnsurf, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. SO I used to smoke only once every 2 months or so, finally when I found out my dad was ok with it I started smoking every weekend at his house, and now every day no matter at my moms or dads. I've been getting blazed everynight for 3 weeks (sometimes during the day too) and I can tell my tolerance is building. I dont WANT to stop, it feels so good smoking all the time and I've been alot happier even when not smoking. I have to leave to go to MO the 26th, so i was planning on starting my break then, but i feel my tolerance getting high. is it better to enjoi what I can till the 26th then start my tbreak (its easier to start when ur forced lol) or try and start it now?
  2. I've smoked for over 5 years and the longest I have gone without smoking was 2 weeks once, but other than like 3 days.

    I find if I am smoking all day, I don't really get that high. But if I wait till night, then I can get blazed, but no matter what the first time i smoke that day I can catch a nice buzz..

    I would say just keep blazin' till you have to stop man. :smoke:
  3. I'd reccomend cutting back now, and then stopping when your forced because its easy.

    Easiest thing: is telling yourself, "I'm not going to smoke today its better and I can get higher if I wait to smoke till x number of days"

    I'm doding that to myself today, I told myself I won't smoke so I'm going to stay busy and not smoke. Boom;)
  4. Yea thats what I wanna do, and yea just 1 or 2 hits in the morning seems to lift my mood all day. I normally blaze at night. but idk if you saw the "How high" chart? I normally LOOOVE going to 10 or sometimes 11 but now that my tollerance is up, i feel like its a waste of weed to try and chase that.

  5. Ha yea execpt the only thing that sucks is my college classes just enede for break and im off work all week and i just got a bong so it's like my one week to blaze 24/7 lol. I'll be completely bored this week anyways so it'll be more tempting so i'm figuring at least watingtill next week.
  6. All my long tbreak attempts failed miserably lol.
  7. i have smoked once this week, due to believing i would be undergoing a pre-employment screening today. turns out the test won't be until next week. two weeks is unheard of. i haven't went longer than a week since i started smoking regularly 6 years ago.

    if you don't need to stop, then why bother?:smoke:
  8. yea I know my only successful one will be when i go to MO to visit this girl I'm staying with. Shes super anti-pot so any chance to get her to smoke with me is pointless. So I'll tbreak then for sure but I def feel like as soon as I get home I'll wanna take a huge bong rip
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    Smoke dude but just do it in smaller amounts. I usually wake and bake if I don't have anything important at school and I smoke all day after class but during these times I just hit bowls out of my chillum. I get a nice buzz that lasts all day, you just smoke when you come down. Then at night I'll hit a bowl out of my glass bowl or my zong. I've been doing this for about three months every day and I've noticed my tolerance increase some but not as much as if you smoke a bunch all the time.

    moral of the story: smoke often in small quantities. Stay high all day without much of a kick to your tolerance.

    happy smoking man enjoy that new bong :smoke: I didn't mean to quote you hyyer I was talking to the OP lol
  10. lol thanks guys. I've got some amazing purple stuff thats too good to smoke so I've just been eyeballin it. Hopefully I can hold myself off till after MO for it. I also plan on using xmas money to get a nice oz or 2 :d then I can really say bye to my tollerance :bongin:
  11. try apprentice tokers section next.
  12. I just tell myself no, it's so hard but I can hold off for a good amount of time.
  13. Honestly if you can't not smoke for a prolonged period even after smoking multiple times a day for atleast 2 years then thats just sad, I've been smoking 2-3 times a day every day for the past 4 years and the longest i've stopped because I WANTED to not because I HAD to was 6 months and i could have went longer but it was to prove a point that it's not addicting mentally or physically, no withdrawl no nothing, if your not capable of stopping smoking even if your in love with in (and trust me I love weed and never wanna stop) but it's not that hard dude, so i say smoke the shit up as much as you want and when u gotta stop just don't smoke it's not like your shooting heroin or snorting coke daily....people think taking a break from weed is like's no different then when your not smoking when your blazing everyday..
  14. True but its the general idea of feeling nice and smoking. Im sure if I really tried I could but at the same time the other half is like smoke up bro

    EDIT: Yea its non addictive but i guess you can say it's nice to rely on it sometimes. Im realyl shy sometimes so I'll smoke before I go out and it makes me totally myself around everyone its a great feeling. Also helps with my depression.
  15. Just think of how much money you save, especially on the long tbreaks. Im on a current 2 monther. I have saved up a decent amount of "weed only money"
  16. Eh I normally have cash allready set aside for weed. It's not too much of a money issue.
  17. Yeah, but you'd save money. And think about that 1st sweet toke after waiting for a month or two.
  18. Nah I wouldnt save cash, wether I'm smoking or not atm I use the same amount of cash per week to buy weed then stash it. So I never run out :p my dealers are very unreliable so I only buy $80+ at a time incase I cant get in touch.
  19. a 2 month t-break is unnecessary. if you're doing it to save money then i understand but by 3 weeks over 90% of the THC will be gone in your body. if you're a daily smoker then even a few days - week should do the job
  20. It's all in your mind brother. Are you winning?

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