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How to get weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by plastic cactus, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm new to this forum and smoking in general, but I figured this would be the best place to ask for help. I'm a college student in maine and i've only smoked once in my life. My parents would constantly give me the "drugs-are-bad-mkay?" speech and I bought into it.
    All through highschool I did absolutely nothing, no drinking. no smoking. nothing.
    But I recently had my first experience with marijuana that was unbelievable and i want to try it again.
    LONG STORY SHORT: where can I find pot on campus? I don't know many people here because, quite frankly, i'm not the super-social type. but i want to find a regular dealer or at least someone I can get weed from occasionally. any advice?
  2. Just Say NO !
  3. just go find someone or a friend, and ask them for bud or to sell bud. it's simple, bro.
  4. Only if it were really easy to find weed or something... Lol. Just kiddin

    On a serious note, just ask people who you know smoke. Just be like, "hey, do you know anyone who can sell me some bud?" As long as theres people who blaze around you, you will find someone who sells. Don't be scared to ask.
  5. Follow the live music :)
  6. I'm taking a trip to Grand Lake Colorado in June and I'm wondering the same thing. I'm gonna go out on my first night there and find some good bluegrass music and hope for the best.
  7. Which part of the states are you in? It can be harder/easier depending on where you are.

    Juat be laid back about it, try to not sketch people out. Persistance will pay off.

    Good luck dude, and welcome to the city.
  8. You wont have to search much.

    It will find you..
  9. Look for the dude with the dreads wearing the Bob Marley shirt.
  10. look for someone that smokes weed. pretty sure maine has medical? there is bound to be stoners, its also right by canada, probably lots of dank.
  11. QFT Stereotypes exist for a reason. That dude with the pot leaf belt buckle and the glazed over eyes could be your guy. ;)
  12. Also, if YOU wear the bob marley shirt and dress like a stoner, people will try and sell to you. Its happened before.
  13. dress like a stoner. walk around.
  14. Its college.
    1. Take a walk around campus

    2. look left...look right

    3. spot the obvious stoner group


    5. Profit
  15. I go to college in Maine too, I've had 3 people walk up to me and offer to sell bud, there is lots of dank bud in the portland area
  16. Yeah these guys pretty much said it all for me. Look for somebody wearing stoner gear, ask anybody you know for certain smokes if they or somebody they know can sell you some bud, or just show up at a party and mingle till you score a bag. Just be cool and think before you speak. Its easy to freak people out when your the new guy. Dont outright say "hey sell me some marijuana please." lol. A good one me and my friends use when we scout out a new guy sellin is "im looking to join your order father, do you perhaps have any bibles for sale?"
  17. Ask people if they smoke. If they say: "Like...cigarettes?" you have got your man. Ask people who look like they smoke green (Bob Marley shirts, dreads, the usual). Ask the people who smoke cigarettes. Ask your friends. You'll find someone.
  18. Go to the cafeteria and the student lounge- there is usually a "stoner's table". It took me about 2 weeks of chatting up folks at the "stoner's table" to get invited to a party and find a GOOD connection! I was in my mid-50s at the time, so it ought to be WAY easier for you!

    Don't be so shy!

  19. if your on a college campus look for a kid who looks like a hippy and ask. Easiest place in the world to find bud.

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