How To Get Weed Through Airport Security?

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  1. Hey fellow tokers, im going to Reno for a week or so, and im taking a plane. And i would really like to bring my medication. And im looking for a way to get an eighth or so across airport security, ive heard of other people trying it with success. so i decided to give it a go. Im not really worried about smell because Ill be flying domestically so their shouldn't be any dogs to worry about. If i were to do it  though i would fill a couple small baggies with a small amount of green and stick them in a sharpie marker and put it in a pencil case with some other pens and pencils in my checked luggage. would that work? any response would be appreciated.

  2. Send it to where you'll be staying a few days before you go. I wouldn't fuck with airports they scare me.
  3. Hide it in your lungs.
  4. Do your method but make sure you have lots of sharpies.  That way the one big marker doesn't stick out.  ( :smoking:, security guard really likes sniffing markers, picks up op's sharpie, smells some dank  I likely wouldn't risk it but that's just me. 
  5. i cant because ill be staying at a place where i cant get my mail.
  6. i was at the air port around christmas and fuck that...i used to just keep it in my pocket tell they started throwing that xray crap everywhere. so angry but i understand i guess. I dont want my plane to crash into something
  7. something else i thought would work really well , is to put my weed wrapped up in like 5 Ziploc bags in a cup and melt candle wax into the cup with the baggy of weed and form a candle around it and just stick it in my checked luggage, then break open the candle once i land.
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  8. put all your baggies in one ziploc bag, roll the bag up tight to get rid of the crinkling from the plastic, and tape it to your thigh. Also if you look nervous they might search you. The other option is to roll it into joints, stick it into a cigarette package and put it in your luggage.
  9. my airport has those millimeter wave scanning things that can see your entire body so i wouldnt carry it on my person.
  10. You don't do it...
  11. It's not a good idea at all but I have gotten through once.  I was in NY and had most of an 8th left, we didn't have time to smoke and I didn't want to throw it away, so I hid it in my deodorant.  I scooped out the top of an axe under arm spread type deodorant and put the nugs, wrapped up tight in a bag in that space.  Then I put that in a few bags wrapped up under a foil chip bag.  It might have been the deodorant stick or the foil of the bag blocking the view of the weed but I got through.  Really though it was most likely just dumb luck coupled with the fact that we were helped through quickly because we were late.  I would definitely not recommend it in any case though because I could have easily been caught.  In fact my buddy that went through right after me had a random search done on his bag, so if we were in opposite places I probably would have been done for.
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  12. another thing i think might work is putting loose nugs in like trail mix or something and just carry that in your carry on
  13. One sure fire solution. Bit of lubricant, up the butt. . . .
  14. I would stick with your checked bag, should be easier to hide since you won't have access to it on the flight.. I like the candle idea mentioned earlier..

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  15. Do you think when they x-ray your bag they'll see inside the candle?
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    Those were the days. I definitely wouldn't even risk trying it this day and age
  17. bring a cotton pillow with you and put some fluffy nugs in their
  18. Get an eighth of hash instead, wrap it up and hold it in your mouth til you're through. Worked for me but idk what the new scanners and such are capable of.
  19. When you get up to the security , you just throw it across the barriers and shit to the other side and pick it up when you get through.
  20. Yeah, but unlike just taking weed across the street to your homies spot this is trafficking, federal, and will become extremely expensive in the pretty high chance that it blows up in your face.
    Nah, B...I'll just obsessively mention Cheech and Chong around a community college somewhere. :cool: 

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