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How to get to parents that detest smoking?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by terodude, Aug 7, 2003.

  1. in the last 2 weeks, my parents have already FOUND my stash twice. It's to the point where they look ALL around my room for my stash when i'm not there. what the hell do i do now? do i talk to them about it? they're so against smoking
  2. yes. talk to them about it. hopefully they are reasonable people (besides the invasion of privacy and personal space that is), and hopefully so are you.

    you gotta arm yourself with as much knowledge and facts and figures tho. dont ever let them sway you by quoting some bullshit figure they read out of time magazine or something about how there is 20 times as much tar in marijuana than tobacco (i hope you realise that's bullshit, i dont have time to explain why & how now tho). Defend your rights with Logic, knowledge and reason. strip their argument bare, tear them to shit (politely) until all they are left with is the one stopping block... "it IS ilegal"... and then keep at them, explain to them why it shouldnt be, why the people are being lied to and having the worlds most versitile plant taken from us.
    (they might still use the "i dont like the smell" line too tho)

    if you truely do educate yourself about this and kep at them... it will probably cause one of two things to happen....

    1, you convince them! you actually manage o break through the years of propaganda and brainwashing they never realise thye had been put through.

    2, They get so fed up and infuriated by your incessant ranting and unbeatable logic and truth that they just don't bother to bring it up anymore.

    so either way you win. however, there is a third possability you should be aware of. I first thought this one was the most likely when i took the plunge. but if your parents love you then this is the least likely.

    3, they send you to the authorities, kick you outta the house or otherwise act like bastards.

    so... i do hope you decide to follow my advice and become an activist, at least in your own home.

    first ports of call are the FAQ on (read it all, its worthless if you dont)

    of course, the primary resource site for all things "drug" like. ;)

    for regular and extensive updates of whats going on, check out

    and perhaps the best source of all that you could possably need if in the US, (or isit .com? i forget)

    there are many many more sites out there.
    the internet is the international safe haven for the 163 million pot smokers of the world. the information is out there, you just have to look.
  3. As y'all know, my parents found out I smoke pot and kicked me out of the house. Before they did we had a discussion where I laid to rest every argument they had except that pot is still illegal. They don't care why it's illegal. I just can't do it because it is. They don't even care that my grades actually went up when I started smoking, but there's not really much I can do since I need them to pay for school. When I graduate I can toke.

    Anyways terodude, do a lot of reading here and at erowid and norml to prepare yourself. Print things out or write it down if you're not sure you will remember it. Ever since I started smoking I did my best to educate myself for the inevitable time that I would get caught since I knew they would kick me out of the house on a first offense. Just remember, that if you don't know something then parents usually think they've won. And they'll try the old thing where they say they're older and have more experience in the world and think it's wrong based on their experiences. Just let them know they've been lied to. Let them know what the government is done, but try not to sound like one of those conspiracy theory "the government just wants everyone to be sheep" people. Let them know that you know that the truth sounds like a story, but that just because they've been lied to for so long. Do your parents drink alcohol? I think if someone says alcohol isn't wrong, then they can't be against pot without being somewhat hypocritical. My parents tried to tell me that they never intend to be impaired when they drink and they think that most of the alcohol in the world is drank by people who aren't intending to get drunk. I guess they've never seen people at college. I knew several people that could put back 16-18 beers A DAY and intend to get drunk. I get together with friends and we'll have 5 or 6 each (except for the couple professional drinkers we know). That means there are a hell of a lot of people who are drinking with no intention of having more than one or 2 and don't want to get drunk. Gimme a break. I think I kinda got off subject there. The point is, educate yourself. Make sure to write down important points so that you don't forget them. And don't be afraid to make an argument. Just base it in intelligent facts that are hard to ignore. Anything not based in fact your parents can easily put out of their mind because they think they know better than you and that isn't always the case.
  4. its prolly going to be really tough, but if you need and help on any questions, just come here, mabey even have your parents come on here, mabey they would even try some ganja! :eek:
  5. i think i remember his character enough to know what you mean. its been a while, infact, i've only seen it once. great film.
  6. Hah InferiorWang my grades went up towhen i started too... took me a while... but i actually got my parents to the point of them thinking weeds ok but not wanting me to do it because its illegal... its a start....
  7. Feed em' Pot Brownies!! Maybe that'll change their minds :D!!
  8. "they think that most of the alcohol in the world is drank by people who aren't intending to get drunk."

    Bwahaha.. tell that to the half gallon of Bacardi Gold I just bought.. I'm gonna get fuuucked up tonight. Yes I am.. :: pointing at his Bacardi and is talking to it :: I'm gonna drink you allll up mmhmm.. Woogiewoogiewoo whosa liquor.. whosa liquor.. yousa liquor. GET IN 'MAH BELLY!
  9. from the latest high times [​IMG]

    Dad From Hell
    Al Roker, the longtime weatherman on NBC's Today show, had his 15-year-old daughter suspended from high school after she admitted to smoking pot with her friends on school grounds. The New York Post reported that Roker "freaked out," and called school officials asking whther they approved of pot-smoking on school property. The Harvey School in Katonah, NY, which charges approximately $24,000 in yearly tuition, responded by suspending Roker's daughter and one of her classmates for a week and suspending the other for the remainder of the school year.
    Good work, Al. Nothing like fucking up kids' lives before they graduate, all for the sake of a joint. A rep for Roker quoted him as saying: "It was the right thing to do. I was doing what any concerned parent would do."
    That is, if the parent were a heartless moron.

    I smoked one for Mr. Roker's daughter... haha, man that guys a fag...

  10. i use to be in the same boat, when i lived with my parents growin up they searched my shit all the time. My advice is just start gettin better at hidin shit and being safer about smokin. From my personal experiance talking to them about it right now just makes the situation worse for you. You wont be livin with yoru parents forever, just ride it out and eventually one day youll be on your own and not worrying bout it. But from personal experiance when i ever tried to talk to my parents about it when i was younger it just made them look for it even more.

    edit: think bout this, are you smokin cause you like it or are you smokin cause other people like it. If your smokin cause you like it then it shouldnt matter to you if your parents like it or not, just play it safer , smoke on and let the good times role.
  11. I'm lucky... my parents look at it as this: As long as I keep my grades and athletics up, and don't get caught, they don't mind. They don't REALLY mind that it's illegal, mainly because my mom is a scientist, and believes in the medical advantages of pot. She has a lot of background information on it, and wasn't brainwashed. My father isn't against it either, because he can appreciate the music I make when I'm stoned. My dad is really supportive of my band, and knows that some of the greatest ideas are the most far out and insane ones ever, and that ordinary mindsets can't dream those ideas up...

    Go Mr. and Mrs. Wonton's Parents!

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