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How to get through a tolerance break?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by spaced raider 420, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. Taking a tolerance break is easier said than done. What do you guys do to get through them? Insomnia and irritability are my main symptoms when I stop smoking for a while. How do you guys deal with it?

    I smoke more than I can afford at the moment so I'm going to be taking a tolerance break for a few weeks (I don't have an exact set time, pretty much just once I get holiday gifts out of the way). I smoke like 4-5 times a day for the past 3 months or so. It's going to be kind of rough and I need suggestions for getting over the first few days.
    4-5 times a day for 3 months straight?
    you need a life / hobby / job lol.
  3. Willpower.
  4. You sound young, most likely verbal tips will do nothing for you, you need to hit rock bottom like some of us.

    Keep smoking.

    When you're ready for a break, you will do it.
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    Relapses in my experiences make things very very worse. especially is they're around 2 to 3 days apart. Staying hydrated helps a shit ton. Meditation helps m sleep  as well, but only when i go through those spell where i get irritable/ansty. also im with watercharges on this one. exersize helps work the thc out of you body quicker and it helps relieve the stress of it all. Currently going through a detox and im three weeks in. The first two are always the hardest for me.
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    You need a point of focus...ANYTHING that can capture your attention....a woman works best if you are young, a different sort of attraction if you are older...not that strange pussy wont work, its just not as available except for hire after a certain age.....but I have never been able to do the mental gymnastics that would allow me to get turned on while knowing that it was a business transaction...Plus, bad women being bad is a turn off to me, but a good woman being bad is a total turn on...wait, what were we talking about here? Irritability and insomnia from a tolerance break? You need a preacher's wife.....
  7.  I don't take tbreaks, I change strains.
  8. That doesn't work for me. :<
  9. put down the bong

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  10. Stay busy. It only takes like 3 days to get used to sleeping and eating sober. After that you're just over thinking it IMO
  11. Smoking a couple bowls takes like 5 minutes. you can't find 25 minutes in a day around all your jobs and hobbies and lifes?

    you need to work on your time management lol
  12. i work 45 hours/w at least, and the flower I buy I only need to smoke 1 good bowl to get stoned... OP sounded like overkill lol
  13. This. When I feel irritable i enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea. When i feel that ive just been laying in bed for hours and cant sleep, masturbate and im out like a light after.
  14. Helped out my own insomnia a lot by using flux for Windows, or RedShift, or what have you.
    They are simple programs that eliminate the blue light from your computer screen.
    So much of your sleep cycle is jacked up when you take in too much blue light before bed.
  15. put down the blunt and pick of the bottle..... not the best replacement in the world but you always seem to find an answer at the bottem. its just the remembering  it part =\\
  16. KEEP YO'SELF OCC-U-PIED! I'm 73 days into my t-break and honestly I don't even feel like smoking anymore (for a while at least). The first week is always going to be the hardest, but you need to set yourself a goal, otherwise you are prone to give in at any time. Occupation is key: go out and meet some new people, paint some warhammer40k models, go fix your body up at the gym, get your gun license and go hunting, do whatever to keep your mind off of Mary. She will be oh so much sweeter when you come back to her after a long time. Besides, you'll be saving a hella lot of money

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  17. MJ is one of the least addictive drugs on the planet.... just take the bong out of your mouth. ;)
  18. I'm 6 months into a T break, first that long because i wanted to keep going secondly because my connects moved and i can't seem to find any and when i do find someone who knows someone they wont help with the connect.

    Really though a t break is nothing.. some just feel dragged out, some cant sleep it effects everyone differently. Like some said on here drink plenty of water or even green tea to flush out your system. 

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