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How to get the smell out of a car?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SavageSeb, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. I smoke everyday now and its tough to toke often when your still living with your parents. However, I thought with my car that I had recently purchased, I could just toke in it before and after school. During the winter I decided to try out hot boxing the car. I got much higher hot boxing than I did when I would when I just rolled down the windows. Therefore i started to hotbox more often, but now as a result my car really smells. My seat are not leather. It smells like burnt weed now and I have used frebreeze, tried to roll down the windows on a highway for an hour yet it still smells. I have heard that getting your carpet shampooed and interior cleaned works very well. Do any of you know a spray thats more effective than frebreeze or another method that works? Or should I give up smoking in my car? Any tips and advice are welcome.

  2. I would stop smoking in your car.

    Not just for the smell but also it makes it easier to get caught. A DUI and possession charge wouldn't be worth it.

    Once you stop spray febreeze once a day till the smell is gone. And hang an air freshner too.
  3. Cleaning the carpets would help, but you can look up how to clear weed stench out of my car. I cannot help you atm, but once you find your answer. You can still blazein your car bro. You can buy some liquid to put on your carpet so that itll smell clean. air fresheners after you clean your whip. You can hang them up on the side mirror. The handles on top of the door. Etc, but this helps when you're not in your car. FE: when you're sleeping. And the carpet is done washed, washed you can let the aroma of the air freshener and the carpet cleaner take over the car. Windows closed* then when you check your car open the windows and drive it so when youre whippin it the NEW smell will get out. About the seats.. i would put some cologne. Or seat detergent and put a new seat cover.
  4. You can only get caught if you're not on edge enough guy.
  5. I smoke in the car everyday with minimal smell, but I always keep my sunroof open and blow the smoke up through it so there is hardly enough time for it to linger and for the smell to stick. I sometimes hotbox it on campus between classes but I'll usually leave the sunroof cracked afterwards and by the time I get back to the car the smell is nearly gone and it has a mostly leather smell to it.
  6. Ozium and sploofs will get rid of initially, but hang a few smelly fresheners in the car. Mint is the strongest odor blocker.
  7. My friend used vinegar yur car will stink like vinegar but you can't smell anything else weed puke liquor. He used it to get rid of puke smell.
  8. Explosive diarrhea and an orgy of homeless people in your car should work. Lol jk I would recommend not smoking in the car.
  9. Air fresheners, Roll down a window, Spray ozium after you smoke
  10. I use febreeze or renuZit in my car.
     Hell yeah. Where I live if you LOOK like you might smoke the fuckers say they smell weed, and that gives them probable cause. It's a scam.

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