How to get the most out of your bong rip

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  1. Hey yall I hope this is in the right place, and i hope there isn't one like this already. Any way on account I just bought a fancy new bong, I was wondering what other people do to get the most out of their hit. As this is my first high quality bong, I only have a few tricks up my sleeves.

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  2. Attach vacuum to anus on high to assist inhalation.
  3. i think the best thing you can do is get the water level right...may take some practice but thats part of the fun.
  4. Well, this should be common sense, but remember to take out the bowl, and not both the bowl and stem at the same time in order to clear the piece. The stem creates an extra layer of diffusion for a smoother hit. It bugs me when I see people doing this on youtube and shit lol.

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  5. Agreed. Too much water and you'll be choking on it. Not to mention it tastes rank.
    This too. Pinch the bowl with your thumb and pointer finger while using the rest of your fingers to push against the downstem. A lot of times the joints get stuck after extended use without cleaning and the res binds it all together.

    If you wanna achieve some big tasty milky hits, inhale with your diaphragm, which is basically your gut muscle that sucks in air. Make sure to expand your lungs instead of pulling them in so you can prepare yourself to take the hit. Milk up the tube slowly so you can still have enough breath to clear it. Once you take the hit I find its smoother if you also inhale through your noise to help cool down the smoke and diffuse the hit.
  6. I say pack small 0.1gram hits.  Saves bud, and tastes better.  Also buy some cleaning supplies, dirty bongs are gross.
  7. While it's not a great idea to pull the whole downstem out, when you pull to clear the smoke you are clearing out the chamber and the diffused downstem has already done it's job. The only other diffusion would be from other percs further up the tube.

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  8. That's true, but you should also only take out the bowl too because if you take out the stem, it causes a little bit more drag.

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