How to get the good or how to know ?

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  1. Ok I am new to smoking but I usually pay pretty cheap for weed and it gets me high. How can I find so good shit or how can I tell if I am sold some good shit.

  2. if it gets u high chances are its good shit, obviously it's good enough.
  3. Good weed is healthy green.

    Shitty weed is brown or a crappy green. To find good weed depends on where you live.

    Real dank buds look like this
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    Well.. really really good bud looks like that.. But most likely that's not what your going to be getting. Around here there are two categories budget weed and exos.

    Budget weed is scaled by how green it is, seeds vs no seeds, and the high.

    Exos are scaled by hairs, crystals / stickiness, the taste and the high.

    regs- budget weed


    In NYC at least you can pick up some dro cheap.

    Some exo
  5. I go by smell. If you get great bud you can literally smell the sugar. It will be like fruity deliciousness. If it is like sour/pungent smelling that is good too.

    Mids and most crap bud just smells like grass.

  6. That looks like the shit I alwaysss get.

  7. Does it usually have seeds in it? If so its just regs. You can get allot for nothing.
  8. Yup seeds galore. Thats why on my next grow I am buying so HQ seeds like widow and Northern Lights. Which kinda sucks because I wont know what kind of seeds to get because I have never smoked any of it.
  9. I think every weed besides brown weed is good, because come on man your gonna get high and if you can smoke however much you do be thankful that you got weed! Some places got droughts goin on ! Think of how sad you are when you're dry, when im dry i could smoke some ash if somebody gave it to me.

  10. You can use the seeds you get in your regs. Regs arnt bad because of the strain they are bad because they weren't taken care of. They have seeds becasue the female pants were left next to make plants. If you just grow females and you take care of them you can make regs seeds into HQ bud.
  11. This is what I just smoked...:smoking::smoking::smoking:



    What do you think ?
  12. Here is a list of steps you should do man.

    First off, pick up a scale. Most newstands, or even walmart has them, but the stationary and mail shit.

    Ask your guy if he has any KB (Killer Bud) or if he has anything stronger. Most will say "Yeah, its lik 10 bux more a quarter though".

    I buy the same weed as you do, but my higher ups are $15 more.

    Make sure you never ask rookie questions to your dealer, or act like you are a new smoker, they will rip you quick.

    The greener, the better. Like mentioned above, the darker green bud, is lower quality.
    The smell is like a Sweet/Sour plant smell. Where regs smell like some hay.

    Great green, also has crystals on it (THC), the more crystals and orange hairs, the better.

    Stem and seed are a good question to ask you guy. Here is a list of some questions to ask him for the best hookup when buying.

    :How are the seeds?
    :Does she weigh?
    :Whats it taste like?
    :You have any higher grade?

    Make sure if your bag is light, tell them next trip, say "Hey man, she was a lil short last time, can you hook me up a lil bit this time?"

    Always save your seeds and stems too. You can make stem tea, and you can grow with the seeds. Everything in the bag, down to the bag is reuseable.

    If all else fails, shoot him in the face and steal the stash lol. JK btw.

    Hope that helps man
  13. Yeah I got a scale coming in the mail from ebay.

    I dont have a real dealer yet just some delivery guys.

    But the next time I buy my friend is hooking me up with his dealer. So I can drive over to his house I guess he lets his customers come in and smoke a little with him before you buy.

    Ill prolly wait till later to ask him for his highs.
  14. Thats all up to you, I just know I loved the Chronic man. High dollar shit is bomb dude.

    A couple tips though, when you meet a new dealer. Never say anything about cops, ever, even if you see one drivebye. Dont say shit about them. Try to avoid much conversation about what you do, or where you live. Keep it simple, joke about a TV show, or some weird shit in the news. Its like a date for me I guess lol. Im fucking fried right now man. Im off tomorow so yay!.

    Anyways, just keep toking most of all, and glad to have you here man!
  15. I am growing bag seed now. If I take really good care of it will it be pretty dank ?
  16. It will be decent, much like what you've bought.

    I have some AK-47 seeds, and some $100 a q skunk seeds, Im trying out. So far they are about 3.5 inches tall average.
  17. Good bud will smell GOOD and will run about $60/an eighth (3.5 grams) or cheaper if you can find a good connect. There should be no seeds in a bag of some good nugs.

    Regs usually have little to no smell and the bag will have a lot of seeds in it. Another name for regs is schwag and it usually costs about $15-20-25 for a Quarter which is 7 grams. If you haven't been smoking long, regs will get you high AND you're saving money for later on when you're going to want some dank.
  18. I would like to live where you live. This shwag Im tokin on now, cost me $60 a q. Granted its like 2 steps up from the dirt shwag (I'd rate about a nice mid), but damn. Where is my $20 quarters?

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