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Discussion in 'General' started by Leighton Ward, May 9, 2011.

  1. Okay, this might sound like a stupid thread. But my neighbor is extremely attractive. We hung out all day at the carnival today and we hang out a decent amount and what not. But how the hell do I get a girl this attractive to actually wanna be more than friends. Literally every guy thinks shes super hot and what not. She's very loud and obnoxious but I'm more laid back. Mainly cause I'm always baked and feel like she's constantly judging me so idk what to say. But we've been talking a lot when we hang out and what not now. She wasn't interested like 7 months ago but idk about now. I've changed a lot for the better and what not. The only thing I could come up with is be less timid and act more confident. But for real, any tips?

    Sorry for the cliche' situation. Haha
  2. Well does she toke up two?

  3. Not really. Shes one of those girls who might every couple months. But i could ask her to and she would probably say yes
  4. shes just being loud to get your attention bro take her out for drinks bring her to the casa then show that ho how a man handles business
  5. Blaize it with her than and work your magic...

  6. Well I have, somewhat. Like 8 months ago. She's been single forever pretty much. She says no guys really interest her. I was wondering how to "wow" her, even though I have my reputation of being shy and more of a friend
  7. Just remember nice guys finish last
  8. Well, I was thinking that. I mean its just idk how to approach that cause we've already been friends and I don't wanna have that awkward "Ohh I don't like you like that" moment that seems to be plausible
  9. people lie. especially women. *duck* seriously though, everyone. and little ones, too. and passive aggressive people can say shit like that because they want someone to man up to a challenge.
  10. Well, I'll just try to briefly explain the mental state involved in how you can interact with girls that is very effective...

    basically, always keep things flirty, friendly, but light. Never force things to be serious. Always be somewhat joking, but in a flirty, potentially sexual, way. Don't look at her like this goddess that you have to work so hard for. If you think she's above you, she'll think she's above you, and she won't be interested. If SHE wants YOU, she's gotta work, too. That doesn't mean you like don't show interest. Always put yourself out there, always be flirty, but don't be too serious, don't be offended if she doesn't react exactly how you want, and always have the mindset that if you're lucky to get with her, she's lucky to get with you.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a shot, maybe this weekend?

    But like earlier here were our texts after the carnival.

    Me: "Have you seen that movie Dinner for Schmucks. Or w/e" <- I just got it from Netflix btw

    Her: Ya its good.

    Me: Oh ok, I was gonna ask if you wanted to watch it. But nevermind then haha

    Her: I do

    So it seems like she wants to hang out and what not
  12. that might be the only smart thing that fella has ever said. :D (i kid)
  13. Yea well there ya go. Like I said, just don't turn it into this big thing like it's such a big deal, or she'll feel awkward. But also don't make it like it's not a big deal. Leave her thinking that stuff could happen, without like you're forcing it to happen or anything. Basically, always say things in a way like hinting at what could happen, but not in a serious way or like you're gonna force it to happen, but in a joking way and in a way that you imply that it would be a treat for her.
  14. date rape, easiest pussy ever

  15. Haha me? It seems like if I'm overly interested she'll have an "alrighty" attitude

    But if I so to speak am less interested she'll jump at the oppurtunity
  16. nah, i know journey from another section where almost all of his posts are one liners or questions asking people to define one of the words they used in their post. :laughing: you should listen to him, that was good advice. although, i would add... take it as advice, don't take it as instruction. you don't want to try too hard, try and make what he said occur naturally and not in some contrived way.
  17. Show it to her

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