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How to get the best taste?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Rollin152, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Which way of smoking helps you taste the weed best? It never seems that I taste the good weed.
  2. Vape on a low settingIf you must combust though then a bong but really all combustion methods hold nothing to vapes on taste
  3. Damn I wish I could afford a vape
  4. Joints actually bring out the taste in some bud I've found, idk maybe it's just me
  5. Using hemp wick. 
  6. a freshly cleaned bong and hemp wick tastes pretty damn nice if you can't afford a vape. 
  7. Also a glass rod will give a better taste than hempwik
  8. [quote name="Rollin152" post="19437836" timestamp="1391125659"]Damn I wish I could afford a vape[/quote]Look around man..i got a pax on craigslist for $80 and a couple nugs on top, its $250 retail..theres a lot of deals out there from people that bought vapes and just prefer smoking
  9. I love me a good joint, thats why i dont roll them too often, only now and then because i like to keep joints for special occasions :)
    they are soo relaxing and i love the taste
  10. i dont smoke just for flavor but vaping at a med to low temp cant be touched, even though i love the a blunt, a vape is like grape flavored water to a blunt being a grape soda.... each is own
  11. Vape... Taste just like the fresh bud smells. But for smoking, a freshly clean small bowl I think taste best. Or a joint with good papers.

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