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How to get the best taste from marijuana.

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by zootyboi, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. If trichomes not ready will the bud taste bad,smell like piney trees.
  2. The taste is going to be more dependent on if you flushed the plant out or not. If the trichs aren't finished, you will diminish the flavor, and more of the plant may come through.

    If you harvest early, the plant hasn't produced as much of the 'flavor' as it could have. But the larger issues are flushing and proper curing to create a good taste.

    Patience will improve taste.
  3. Grape is right, I too have found that flushing is a critical step for great "tasting" smoke. I have also found that the length of time you cure your bud and how it's done is a key step as well. I know the bud from my last grow is much better now after curing, etc. than it was 1 month ago. Rememember pay attention to the detail BUT don't make it too hard, this is a weed, it's pretty darn resiliant, have fun! :)

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