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How to: Get THC out of your system, fast.

Discussion in 'General' started by MakinTreesGrow, Dec 6, 2012.

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    This is a guide on how to get THC out of your system as fast as possible, not how to hide it.

    There are many things you can do to help your body get the THCs out.

    Since THC is fat soluble, meaning it is stored in fat, you want to burn fat. There are many things you can do to help speed the process. Mainly keep your metabolism at it's peak 24/7. To do this you will,

    a. Eat constantly, this may sound contradictory but in fact eating small portions constantly throughout the day will tell your body that it will have a steady supply of energy and nutrients coming in and that it needs to use them. Eat foods high in healthy carbs (whole grains) and protein especially. Do not skip breakfast. Eat right before bed. Eat snacks. Eat every hour. Don't just eat your usual 3 meals. Nibble all day long. Just don't eat 6 huge meals eaither. Eat low-fat dairy products. In a study done by the American Society for Nutritional Sciences Journal of Nutrition, women who consumed dairy 3 times daily burned 70% more fat. Spicy foods contain a natural metabolism booster, eat them!

    b. Take supplements that speed your metabolism. Green tea pills speed production of noradrenaline which speeds metabolism. Cinnamon helps your body convert sugar to energy, thus it may be useful. B- vitamins boost absorbtion of nutrients and metabolic rate. Get a good B-complex vitamin pill and take with breakfast and lunch. B-vitamins aren't fat soluble so you can't harm yourself by taking to much, any excess will be excreted.

    c. I cannot stress this enough. Exercize your heart out. Exercize with any and all excess time you have. This is THE BEST way to burn fat. Cardio and weight training both. The more muscle you have the more calories your body will use on a daily basis. Cardio and inverval(sprint 30 seconds, walk for 60) workouts make your body burn all that stored fat as energy. Workout hard, make yourself sweat. Don't forget, protein builds muscle, and protein takes more energy to digest than carbs or fat. Working out in the morning will give you a boosted metabolism equivilant of being superman.

    Drink loads of water! a gallon a day is not unreasonable. You will be pissing alot but this is exactly what you want. Drink black coffee and green tea! Caffeine is a diuretic meaning it makes you piss a lot(Also boosts that metabolic rate). This is a good thing, your body rids itself of THC through the urine. Also green tea contains cetachins(antioxidants) and increases noradrenaline production, as stated above. I'm talking about drinking this in excess, more than the casual drinker.

    e. If you have access to a sauna, use it. Saunas increase heart rate and make you sweat, like a boss. Sweating is another way the body rids itself of THC. Remember to drink lots of water, sweat is water, salt, impurities, THCs and shit. Replenish what you lose, well not the THC in this case. That is, unless you feel like hot boxing the sauna. :cool:

    This guide can be useful for someone looking to pass a drug test sooner than later, or someone wanting to lose some weight. I personally like to keep to this regimen all the time and only smoke once a week. You get high as shit when you have little to no THC in your body, to me it's worth it.
  2. why smoke if you have to do all that shit
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    Is there a tldr version of this perhaps?
  4. This.

    I've yet to be in a position where I couldn't smoke..

    i.e work, probation, parents

    When the day comes ill simply stop blazing lol
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    i guess the 3 posters after op have never had to stop smoking lol

    you do not represent the planet, keep that in mind

    Some work places have you sign something, you may not have read, stating they can randomly pop drug testing on you lol

    maybe you get lucky and someone informs you they are going to do that (chances are you wouldnt know though and the process above wouldnt help because it would be too late) and then you need to get that shit out of you asap

    Maybe you get that promotion and the boss says the new position requires a drug test and you have to take it within a time frame...

    maybe you are on probation and dont have UA's but your PO is a cunt and tells you, that you will now... randomly so you have to get it out before the first one happens

    lol you never know
  6. It's mainly for people who are looking for work and might need to pass a test or something. Plus it's just plain healthy to have a beast metabolism. Some people don't like to be high all the time, and I'm just saying, when you have no THC in your body and smoke you get fucking BAKED, like the first time again.

  7. well, actually... despite what lots of people think the tolerance to THC isnt reflective of the THC in your system lol. It has to do with the CB receptors tolerance to THC, once its stored in your fat, it actually isnt THC, but its THC metabolites, aka the by product of what THC becomes in the body after useage

    Drug tests do not test for THC, they test for the evidence the body leaves behind of it being present
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    Ahh, then only time can bring down tolerance? I guess it's just the fact that I don't smoke very often that I get so high.

    Found this:

    "Remember that your brain is setting baselines for how many endocannibinoids (our body's internal cannabinoids) it needs to produce to keep everything functioning normally.

    When you smoke, vaporize, or ingest cannabis your body gets a sudden boost in cannabinoids giving you the feeling of being high, but your body reacts by producing less of its own cannabinoids. The result is the faded, fuzzy feeling that constitutes a cannabis 'hangover' after the high.

    Allowing your body's endocannabinoid system regain balance by not smoking or ingesting for a time you can achieve the same 'high' as your first time.

    Flooding your body over and over again will eventually build up cannabinoids in your system to the point where more wont do as much, but you will feel the need to smoke or ingest to maintain a baseline for your brain to feel like it is functioning normally. Your body will have considerably slowed its own production of endocannabinoids."

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