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how to get tested for ADD/ADHD

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by weedisgood420, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. hey guys i have a few questions about ADD/ADHD

    ive been reading on the symptoms and noticed that i have quite a few of them.

    how would i go asking my doctor to see if i actually have ADD/ADHD?

    how long would i have to wait to get my medical card? would i have to wait a few months or years or can i go straight to the cannabis?

    of course i will be moving to CA in the future because i love to surf but for rite now im stuck in MD and i travel to FLA occasionally

    Many Thanks In Advance
  2. im sure you can go to any normal doc for that as for med marijuana...lets put it this way when i smoke, my add is magnified big time . i hammer one nail then go and wash two dishes then go start some laundry and so on and soforth .idont know where you live but over here in cali with my doc at least ,i could tell him it hurts when i fart and before im done saying fart my script is written buddy went with a friend to get one ,and his friend told him to go in too, he didnt want to cuz he didnt have a good excuse. but he did anyway he told the doc that he keeps gettin headaches next thing he knows hes walkin out with a script. i believe most pot docs are in it for the cause and ($$$$$)and wont give you a hard a matter of fact the first doc i went to is one of the warriors on the front line of the med marijuana battle ph# is (???)pot -docs i dont want to give the area code cuz i dont know if its cool or not but he is in san fran if interested
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    okay. Its going to take you awhile.So i reccomend you march over to los angeles(i assume your local?) and tell them you have pain here or migraines there and get your card all in one day orso. Or if you want to see if you have ADD go to your primary doctor and have them examine you(they will test you) and you'll see that way.

    Tony and I obviously have the same type of ADD because weed magnifies it for me too. But theres different types i heard of peoples symptoms being better with weed so it all depends. Me personally, I love ADD its part of who I am and its why I say whatevers on my mind and do what I feel at any given moment good times
  4. im going to be trying to get mine next summer when i move up to portland oregon area. I would love to try now, but its just too hard to do in Nevada i think.
  5. You could go to your doctor and ask, "Doc, I was wondering if I had ADD/ADHD? Can we run some tests?" Pretty simple, no?

    As far as getting your medical card is concerned, once you have enough records on-hand describing your medical situation, you should be able to get cleared for MMJ pretty quickly. All the "pot-friendly" docs here in California just need your medical records and California ID, and they'll decided whether or not you fit the criteria. ADD/ADHD will certainly do the trick, though.

    Good luck.
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    I dont see why, when I observe an average stoned person they display minor/moderate symptoms of ADD. Sounds absurd to prescribe it for that particular disorder. Why dont you just say you have pain? anyways, got my adderall prescription ready to start school monday. cha ching. keep me outta trouble ya dig
  7. I have not met California's doctors but I seriously doubt you will get a script for marijuana if you are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. The gold standard for treating ADD is stimulants, usually amphetamines. Essentially the polar opposite of weed which slows you down and chills you out. I have true ADD/ADHD and I have had amazing results Vyvance, which is comparable to Adderall (an amphetamine). All stimulants anyway.

    I agree with everyone else. Moderate to severe pain would be a good reason to reap the benefits of THC :smoking:
  8. sadly with the way it is in california. you probably will get a script for ADD if you tell the doctor it helps.
  9. Well, IMO it's better to go with your real medical problems, rather than making some BS story up.
  10. for those saying that getting your card for your ADD/ADHD is hard, well they just don't know the system very well. I walked into a mmj clinic with my four year old Adderol pill bottle with my name on it, 30 minutes later I had access to some of California's best weed.

  11. Oh how I wish I lived in California :(
  12. I've asked the doc before about ADD/ADHD.

    He said there aren't any "real" tests to prove you have it, so they just put you on some script shit and tell you to come back in three weeks. stupid fuckin concerta.

    I've heard clinical depression, bipolar disorder, and even asthma can score you the card. Along with various other things, but i think depression would be the easiest haha.
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    yeah, but thats not a good thing and people who are fighting for legalization know thats not helping the cause. Those doctors want your money not your medical records. Its good busines think about it from a california doctors point of view with their own business. All the things you could buy with 150 bucks a pop cashola only. They're simply slanging medical cards, ANYONE can get it. This was my experience with the doctor I went through. maybe there not all that way :confused_2: highly doubt it though.
  14. I exhibit all of the symptoms of ADD and have been diagnosed with it. However I still have doubts regarding the validity of the disease. I think that people just are not meant to spend the whole day studying in a class room, but thats a different subject. Weed generally makes it worse for me, unless it is the correct strain.

    In a way(I could be wrong, just a high theory) misdiagnoses could help. For the reaosn that it will help the medical marijuana industry grow at a much higher rate, possibly allowing more money for research.
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    Wow guys... I have ADHD, i used to work at a pizza place before I got diagnosed... well... if i didnt smoke before work, I always fucked shit up... set something down, didnt finish it, started something, didnt finish it.. walk to the freezer, get inside the freezer and wonder what i went in there for in the first place... thats what actually made me go to the doc to get tested for adhd. now i take 25mg adderall xr everyday... I would so much rather a script to mmj instead of taking amphetamines!!!!!!!

    live2skate... stfu. your basically insulting everyone with adhd doubting the validity of the disease, that pisses me off. I lived my whole life up until a few months ago repeating things to myself just so I don't loose focus, if you exhibited all the symptoms you wouldnt be saying that at all. maybe your a misdiagnoses.
  16. This is very true, and weather or not you agree with the validity of the disease or not, Marijuana no doubt helps me tremendously with my adhd related symptoms. Every since I started smoking nothing but good things have happened in my life including a bettering of relationships among the people I love, my grades have done nothing but skyrocket in the last 2 years, and I have a much more balanced life in regards to academics social life and athletics. So even if I don't look like I need it and it was very easy to get, I fully qualify for a card under the current legislation.
  17. I have ADD and damn proud of it.You know people with ADD tend to have high IQ's. mines 125.But it has its downsides at times,like studying. Anyways just contact your doc, i think they send you to a psychiatrist. I was tested at a young age so i dont remember.
  18. Any doctor will write you a prescription for ADD if you say you have it. Get the prescription and get copies of your med records and then get over to a pot doc. Tell them you have ADD and show your history and prescription.
    ADD is very often misdiagnosed because it is marketed to kids not doing well in school.

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